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Leaning back on the hands is the first position (and the least stressful), but beware of collapsing backward.
This is a nice counterpose for many postures that stress the feet, such as Toe Squat, regular Squat, and sitting meditations. Aum - Like the Latin word 'Omne', the Sanskrit word 'Aum' means 'all' and conveys concepts of 'Omniscience', 'Omnipresence' and 'Omnipotence'. Ha - First syllable of the word 'Hatha', which is composed of the syllables 'ha' meaning the sun, and 'tha' meaning the moon.
Jnana - Sacred knowledge derived from meditation on the higher truths of religion and philosophy, which teaches a man how to understand his own nature.
Karma-yoga  - The achievement of union with the Supreme Universal Soul through action. Kundalini - The Kundalini (kundala=coil of a rope; Kundalini=a coiled female serpent) is the divine cosmic energy.
Pratyahara - Withdrawal and emancipation of the mind from the domination of the senses and sensual objects. Raja-yoga - The achievement of union with the Supreme Universal Spirit, by becoming the ruler of one's own mind by defeating its enemies. The chief of these enemies are: Kama (passion or lust), krodha (anger or wrath), lobha (greed), moha (delusion), mada (pride) and matsara (jealousy or envy). Samadhi - A state in which the aspirant is one with the object of his meditation, the Supreme Spirit pervading the universe, where there is a feeling of unutterable joy and peace. Ujjayi - A type of pranayama in which the lungs are fully expanded and the chest is puffed out.
January 24, 2015 Having Lynne as my yoga instructor has expanded my yoga practice and experience.
Please join Lynne for a weekend of transformation and education steeped in the ancient traditions of Yin Yoga.
Namaste – I fell in love with Yin after returning home from India where I studied Osho’s active meditations for a month at his Ashram in Pune. What an inspiration and profound teaching! My expectations were well met – intense practice for each of us teachers balanced with great fundamental knowledge.
At a time when I needed it most in my life, I took Lynne’s wonderful Yin training to deepen my understanding of this rich tradition. Refund Policy: Please note that the $100 deposit is to hold your space and is non-refundable. An abbreviated description of some of the Yin Yoga Postures you will study and practice in great detail in your Yin Teacher Training. Opening up the tops of the feet, this posture may be very difficult, especially for men who are not used to having the toes pointed in higher heels. This posture, similar to Upavistha Konasana in Hatha Yoga, stretches the hamstrings and lower back. Where I've beenAfter great success eating paleo earlier this year, I decided to join an eating program for athletes to focus on muscle gains. Placing a rolled-up towel behind the knees may be very therapeutic, but a cushion between the thighs and calves may be required.
Relatively intense, this shouldn't be held for a long time if there is a lot of discomfort.
It means a posture where certain organs or parts of the body are contracted and controlled.
Energy (prana) is said to flow in the human body through three main channels (nadis), namely, Susumna, Pingala and Ida. The object of Hatha-yoga is to balance the flow of solar and lunar energy in the human system. This force or energy is symbolised as a coiled and sleeping serpent lying dormant in the lowest nerve centre at the base of the spinal column, the Muladhara-chakra. The eight-fold yoga of Patanjali shows the royal road (raja-marga) for achieving this objective.
The first syllable 'ha' stands for the sun, while the second syllable 'tha' stands for the moon. Yama ia also the first of the eight limbs or means of attaining yoga.Yamas are universal moral commandments or ethical disciplines transcending creeds, countries, age and time. For sixteen weeks every Tuesday evening I benefited from her mindful and focused instruction. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to enhance their personal Yin practice or start teaching Yin yoga!
The remainder, if paid in full, is refundable up to 30 days prior to the start date of the training. This posture takes both hips into the outer rotation direction affecting the Gall bladder Meridians on the outer thighs. When practiced in this form the extended leg gets a nice hamstring stretch, while the bent leg is in inner rotation.
A slight compression in the lumbar spine creates stimulation of the Urinary Bladder Meridians. One difference is that in a Yin Posture we try to relax all of the muscles so the stretch can reach deep into the ligament in the joint.The Urinary Bladder on the extended leg and the Gall Bladder on the bent leg are the Meridians being affected.
It makes me happy that my WLJ helped me become the kind of person who really values self-improvement.
One would hear rumors and I'm curious where did you get the info on the community phase out? Most of what I’m going to write about is going to seem completely unrelated to the ole WLJ, but there’s a connection at the end, I promise. I also decided to go off the pill to see if that'd help with my muscle gains, since I'd been on a high-ish dose with no break for 13 years.
This latent energy has to be aroused and made to ascend the main spinal channel, the Susumna piercing the chakras right up to the Sahasrara, the thousand-petalled lotus in the head.

And when I am in that place in me and you are in that place in you, there is only one of us. The five mentioned by Patanjali are: non-violence, truth, non-stealing, continence and non-coveting. I was so stiff in my hip joints that I could hardly move to play tennis or walk with my friends. But after a couple of attempts I realized how hard it was for students to sit on the floor to meditate because their lower bodies were so tight. All circumstances are negotiable and full payment can be applied to a future Yin with Lynne Teacher Training. And practicing this posture will help you move into many of the other hip openers more easily. This posture will help students achieve deeper awareness of the standing postures such as Warrior II and Triangle. Nine months ago, my plan, as it had been for 10 years, was to become a professor once I finish my PhD (which will be this coming summer).
I did it for years and then just sort of got bogged down and *couldn't* along with everything else in my life. Turned out, my bcp covered signs of PCOS, so after gaining a bit of weight (and strength!) I went back on the pill in September (and then got a concussion in a car accident, but another story). Unfortunately, the only real meeting location nearby has shut down virtually all of the morning meetings during the week, so I have to keep my meeting on Saturday (and I've known the leader since 2012). Pingala and Ida start respectively from the right and left nostrils, move up to the crown of the head and course downwards to the base of the spine. A truly lovely spirit, Lynne is a font of knowledge and an incredible resource for our yoga community. Continuing Education Units are required to maintain your status as a Registered Yoga Teacher. The Stomach and Spleen meridians are stimulated on the front of the legs as well as a gentle compression of the lumbar spine.
Lower back, hips, knees and feet are all being stretched in this position, along with many of the lower body meridian channels. Then one day this spring, I came across a new, exciting career path I didn’t know existed, but it’s in a completely different field, and incredibly competitive because the compensation and exit opportunities are pretty unreal.
I've never done this, but I've decided to try to have my points reset on Wednesday (what I still think is the best WI day), WI at home on Wednesday, and just use my Saturday meetings as a check in. These 4 parts are compared to the four states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, sleeping and the transcendence of self beyond the mind. Upon completion of the course students will receive a Certificate of Completion documenting participation and attendance. These junctions of the nadis are known as chakras or the fly-wheels which regulate the body mechanism.
By holding the postures while relaxing the muscles, the stretch reaches deep into the connective tissue of the body.
I went to an Integrative Medicine session to see if I was eating something or having an autoimmune reaction to something that was causing this change to no avail.
Professionally, my life exploded in my biggest dreams, and in terms of fitness, I'm in the best shape of my life, but my health suffered. So now that I did 6 months focusing on gains, now I'm ready to lean out, and WW is good for that. Basically, all workouts are given at "rx" with weights and movements prescribed, and then you can scale. I've been sick a lot, I've gained weight (especially over Christmas), and my resting heart rate has been 25% higher than it used to be before my concussion in the fall. The more I learned about it, the more interested I became, but to handle the atypical interview, I had to prepare for about 150 hours, learning new jargon, new skills, and practicing random skills like mental math, and had a very small chance of getting an offer. As you can see in the photos (left is my smallest in 2013, right is now, almost a 15 lb difference), I haven't gained 15 lbs of fat, but could still easily tiiiighten a bit.Why I Came Back More than anything, I was curious about the new program. I've done some Rx workouts that are just like wall balls and rowing, but never with full on lifts because Rx is heavy! I've been gf since 2007, but since cutting out the other c.rap, I haven't had one canker sore, inflamed taste bud, or cystic acne since I did whole 30 in January. Then one day I stumbled upon Lynne’s Yin yoga classes offered each week at a local studio and decided to tried it out, not expecting any particular result.
Long story short, I was one of the 3% of the applicants they hired, so I will be starting that once I finish my PhD this summer. Today's workout was 4 rounds of 1 minute of: burpees, 20" box jumps, 65 lb snatch and 70lb kettle bell sumo deadlifts. Therefore, it is necessary to hold each posture for a minimum of three minutes in order to create any change. I really like how the new plan disincentivizes sugar and processed foods, and incentivizes protein. This beasty girl at the gym suggested I go up in my weights and slow down to get stronger since I have good endurance but need to get stronger, and I've been listening. Many things may occur during this holding; emotions rise up, memories appear, thoughts stream in, sensations get stronger. Personally, my body functions the best when I eat high protein and moderate fat and carbs, eschewing sugar, most grains, and dairy.
By not reacting to these things we are given an opportunity to cultivate deep inner peace, concentration and a deeper connection to our true nature.
I am only able to attend one day a week, but even at just that, I have not taken an oral analgesic for over a month now and can run on the tennis court without pain or flexibility issues.
I felt a little lost, and it took a trip back to CA to find some clarity (just like I did at the end of 2011 when I joined WW). But once I got the job (and to be fair, I did get a concussion two weeks after), I really lost my motivation.

The last program didn’t do enough to nudge those choices in the right direction, and my points got used too easily. After practicing Yin Yoga it is not out of the ordinary to feel deeply relaxed and energized all at once. I'm going to stop focusing on the ends, and focus on the means, and hopefully the cards will fall in my favor. With continuous practice it’s common to experience better sleep, less auto pilot reactions, and more ease in normal stressful situations in life. I am so grateful to have found Lynne’s class and what I believe is the secret for me to exercise at my age. The past two weeks, I’ve been in a writing group, writing four hours a day, and I’ve been phoning it in. This was something I was really happy to see, especially when guesstimating.2) We can even see the nutritional info for zero point foods. There's so much leeway on that site, and you have full control over calories and macros, it really made me realize what a purgatory I've been living in. The problem is, when I have something with a decent amount of sugar, or something innocuous like popcorn or coconut milk with carrageenan, I bloat up and literally gain 4-6 lbs. I think being mindful of this info is crucial; sometimes that harmless-looking bowl of pineapple can cause a sugar crash, or prevent WL because 3 cups has 50g of sugar and 250 calories!3) The new tracker and interface is much easier to use (though I missed all the glitches a couple weeks ago)4) Protein is such a good deal now. Because now, all that’s standing between me and this new, exciting life is my dissertation. It always bothered me carbs and protein were given the same points, since protein takes more energy to digest.5) There’s an activity goal. I spent 14 months losing 55 lbs, and now I've spent 27 months trying to hang on to that loss and lose more, not really knowing what to do.
It's really hard for me to see my weight go from goal to 5 lbs above in a day, or have pants go from fitting to being painful to button so quickly. I need some consistency as my life changes dramatically this year as I graduate and start my new jobMeditate. I always had a personal activity goal (70AP), but I really like that it measures it for me now.
And annoyingly, it takes about twice as long for my weight to go back down, so I'm left spending a lot of time feeling not great about my weight.
We’ll ignore the fact that it awards ridiculous amounts of activity points (I think I'm hitting 140 this week with just steps and crossfit!)6) I'm eating pretty dam.n close to my macros and calories from MFP (35pp~~1600 cal) and not undereating or eating too many carbs.
I know it's not realistic to never eat anything not-paleo again, but I'm still learning when it's not worth eating different things, even if it's within my points, because I don't want to feel gross for 3 days.
Let me just put it in perspective for you: I spent my 20s getting paid a living wage to study what I want to, work on mostly my own schedule, and earn a MAand a PhD for free, all while gaining incredible professional development opportunities, and landing a 6 figure job most top MBAs would kill for. I also find having a schedule is key, since I really don't want to rely on much fast food-type meals during the week. I was listening to an Elizabeth Gilbert, kind of cheesy podcast episode someone recommended, and they brought up the distinction between being a martyr and being a trickster in your creative life. A martyr feels shame, depression, and negative thoughts towards work, seeing it as a burden, a cross to bear. I season it, measure the full amount, then write a post-it with the serving size, points, and number of servings.
This is kind of random, and I am pretty good about flossing, but every now and again I go a few days where I forget, and I just want to take better care of myself, and this represents that self-care.
A trickster enjoys the bumps, and is empathetic and thankful of the endeavor, never taking it too seriously. Then, I cook one casserole type dish with a ton of zero point vegetables, protein, and some fat. And because of that, I completely closed myself off to the creative process and wasn’t enjoying my last chance to literally get paid to write a topic I love and have spent years developing. I forgot that the process is why I do it; I enjoy the research and the writing and all of it. Four years of weighing, measuring, tracking, worrying if I’ve exercised enough, walked enough steps, drank enough water, ate the right foods, and on and on. I then buy 4-5 types of veggies for either salad or to roast, 2 dozen eggs, breakfast sausage, avocados, and 2-3 types of fruit. I got a paper journal, and whenever I want to meal plan, or have a thought about my WL or whatever, I'm writing in it.
It seemed like everyone who worked hard got the results they wanted, and I just keep spinning in place. The other thing I'm doing to help reset my habits is another Whole30 (while tracking on WW and weighing myself, which are forebidden on W30). Rather that feeling joy that I’ve gotten in better shape, kept the weight off, wear clothes I never thought I could wear, do things I never knew my body could do, I just felt kind of trapped by it.
The biggest reason this new WW plan was something I wanted to try is because, thanks to Allison, who saved all my old blog posts, I started re-reading them. And I was catapulted back to my former self, and I remembered so much joy and inspiration and thirst to be better. If I'm at home, I roast or saute 2 cups of my prepped veggies or make a salad, and reheat the chicken I cooked, usually adding some fat, either using ghee or avocado, and I switch up the sauces (coconut aminos, buffalo, curry, vinaigrette, homemade mayo, this awesome sauce).
So this new plan, with its new emphasis, is my chance to feel that way again, but better because I’m so much more now; I know more, I have more perspective, and I have the benefit of 4 years of experience to guide me through these next 4 years of the endlessole WLJ.
I've found if I'm eating this much (~8-13pp per meal), I really don't need to snack, though if I'm munchy, I eat macadamias with carrots and raisins, or dates with cashew butter.
I can tweak it enough so I don't get too bored, but I don't have to think a lot about each decision, and I don't waste food.

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