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Read on to find out about five ways to market your iPhone and Android apps through Facebook. If you are going to be successful with any kind of marketing on Facebook, whether for an app or anything else, your profile has to form the core of this.
Posting regularly also helps to keep momentum going and sends out positive images to the people who follow you on Facebook, so it?s definitely worth doing. As well as promoting your own app on Facebook, the website itself also has a range of useful apps available that can help you to market more effectively. Just as you might use Google Adwords to promote certain aspects of your business, Facebook Social Ads can be used in a similar way to promote your iPhone and Android apps.
Get new, exclusive digital coupons, local store info, thousands of recipes and local sales at your fingertips.
Select a storeSelecting a store allows you to see that store's content throughout the site, such as sales, store events, and more. If you are new to apps, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do to get your Android or iPhone app noticed, but even simple marketing techniques through Facebook can make a difference to your success.

After all, people need to be able to find out about your business and what you are promoting. Don?t neglect your marketing on Facebook, or else people who might otherwise have been interested in your iPhone or Android app might be more reluctant to engage with you.
For instance, you can use Facebook apps to cross-post to other social networking sites such as Twitter. Targeting PPC ads can be a good way to focus your marketing and bring in relevant traffic for your app.
In return you will get full credit for the post, an author page with a bio and your website will also be linked at the bottom of every post you make. Learn how to turn your phone into a savings machine with the answers to frequently asked questions. Make sure any profiles or pages you may have are populated with worthwhile, useful information about relevant issues.
Failing to respond to user queries is one all-too common mistake; if people ask you questions about your app, make sure you answer them.

Ideally, your app should be marketed to as wide a group of people on Facebook as possible, but it also needs to have a central location. As well as making sure your profile is populated with relevant information, having a Facebook page dedicated to your app can also be useful. These might sound like obvious questions, but there are many profiles and pages on Facebook that contain very little detail about what they are actually for. Running competitions or games through your group to get people interested in your app can also be a good tactic.
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