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Degenerative pitbull Joint Disease in our pets is generally synonymous with osteoarthritis.
Pitbull Rheumatoid Arthritis in dogs is similar to rheumatoid arthritis in humans. No matter what age or breed, your pet will find pain relief and long lasting health benefits from NuJoint Plus®, our specially formulated nutritional pet vitamin supplement.
NuVets 8 years of research and development has created NuJoint Plus®, a nutrient rich product that goes to the source of the problem, combating joint and bone ailments with a wide variety of All Natural healing ingredients designed to be completely bio-digestible. I searched the web for more information about cruciate ligament and I found the testimonials of others in NuVet's web site. I strongly recommend NuVet Plus and now I am giving it to our new member of the family, Sassy (a 1 yr.
Our 13 year old Norwegian Elkhound mix has had joint problems for over a year and has been on Rimadyl, an effective but serious steroid medication. Just using NuVet on our 1 year old border collies has made a difference in their coat; we're also seeing more regular firmer bowel movements, and definitely doing much better with their allergic reactions to the occasional flea bites during this season. Glucosamine provides the joints with the building blocks needed to repair the damage caused by osteoarthritis . Chondroitin attracts and holds fluid within cartilage tissue helping to lubricate joints, increase mobility and reduce discomfort caused by hip dysplasia.
Get to know ABNLed by Arthritis Consumer Experts and the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, the Arthritis Broadcast Network (ABN) is a multi-media platform for the arthritis community to share news, information and stories about living well with arthritis.
Sign up for the ABN updates for the latest on the network, exclusive feature stories and more! According to the results from the JointHealth™ Program Satisfaction and Interest survey, people living with arthritis want to learn about natural ways to help treat or ease the pain from arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In addition to medications, a well-rounded treatment plan for arthritis includes several important components.

Before starting on any vitamin plan, speak with your doctor or with a registered dietician.
Peppermint oil may be used in a mixture with oils like olive oil or jojoba to apply to stiff and sore joints.
Cayenne: Cayenne and other hot chili peppers contain a natural compound called capsaicinoids, which gives the spicy fruits their anti-inflammatory properties.
NuVet Labs designed NuJoint Plus® to be a premium natural anti-inflammatory hip and joint therapy and use only the highest quality pharmaceutical, human grade ingredients that are specifically compounded in our FDA approved laboratory for maximum potency and effectiveness.
Upon a recommendation from our groomer, I tried both the Nuvet wafers for all 3 of our dogs, and NuJoint for Michael, the one with the joint problems. Acting as a catalyst, Glucosamine helps animals synthesize new cartilage needed to replace damaged cartilage caused by wear and tear.
Chondroitin neutralizes the destructive enzymes that are known to damage and destroy cartilage.
Taking control of our disease means making sure your body is as healthy and strong as possible. Some arthritis medications can deplete your levels of Vitamin D, while others, like prednisone, is known to impede calcium absorption.
He or she will be able to tell you, based on your own unique health situation, whether further supplementation may be required. Although there is no clear-cut scientific evidence, people have reported that it brings relief to their joints.
According to an article in Healthline, studies have shown that curcumin, a compound in turmeric, may reduce inflammation in the body. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, ginger is identified as an herbal medicinal product that shares pharmacological properties with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This site offers evidence-based information and support to help you better understand your form of arthritis, as well as to help you talk to your own rheumatologist and family physician about your symptoms and general health.

I took her to the veterinary and she was diagnosed with cruciate ligament and the only option we had at that time was a very expensive surgery.
After 3 months she started to improve considerably and now is almost a year since this incident happened and she is a normal dog again. In addition, he is more alert, will even play with the other two younger dogs and is definitely enjoying a better quality of life. Please note that this article is for information purposes only and not intended to be medical advice.
This means eating well, making sure you get enough of the right vitamins and minerals, maintaining a healthy body weight, doing the right kinds of exercise, and making your home and work environments as supportive and accessible as possible.
For people who are not able to get enough of these nutrients from food alone, supplements may be a good option.
To get more vitamin D, get some sunshine, add Vitamin D fortified foods to your diet or eat fatty fish like salmon. Pineapples are also rich in Vitamin C, a key for both preventing inflammatory arthritis and maintaining healthy joints with osteoarthritis. Always seek the expert advice of your rheumatologist or other health care professional before making changes or additions to your treatment plan. By reducing this rigidity, fluids are able to pass more freely from the cell and this helps to reduce cell pressure, thereby reducing inflammation and pain.

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