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Other Problems under Confederated Government States were issuing their own paper money but inflation soon made it worthless Post war depression hurt small businesses and lowered prices farmers received for their crops which left farmers unable to pay debts. Other Problems under Confederated Government Some of the economic elite in other states feared more attacks like Shays Rebellion where the people had taken the law into their hands and violated the property rights of others. MOTIVATION OF THE FRAMERS Two Theories Charles Beard : The economic elitist view oThe framers of the Constitution represented the solid, conservative, commercial and financial interests of the country. Supports for Beards argument (cont) oThere would have been property qualifications for voting in the Constitution but they couldnt agree on the nature & amount oFinally, ratification was not by popular vote but through the state legislatures where a more elite economic view prevailed. John Roche : A democratic reform view oThe framing of the Constitution was a democratic reform process oThey were professional politicians who hammered out a series of pragmatic compromises which would strengthen the national interest but also be acceptable to the people. John Roche : A democratic reform view oThe framers risked their political fortunes by opposing the established doctrines of state sovereignty because they were convinced that the existing system was leading to national impotence and probably foreign domination. UNIT 3 “Starting a Nation” OBJECTIVES ( YOU SHOULD KNOW) v 1- Describe the Early Government of U.S. Chapter 5: Shaping a New Nation ? Fighting the war gave the states a common goal ? Reluctant about a strong central government.
The Constitution of the United States The Constitution of the United States, created in 1787, has endured _________ years. The Problem with Liberty Most American colonists believed that their liberties were being taken away from them by England The right to take court cases. The Constitution and Bill of Rights SS8H4 The students will describe the impact of events that lead to the ratification of the United States Constitution. 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 Confederation of States Constitutional Convention.

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Delegation came to the convention with a completely new plan which set the agenda from revision of the Articles to complete change.
American Revolution Unlike other revolutions after it Conservative movement that did not drastically change lives of the citizens Liberty is. The Path To Independence As a result of the French and Indian War (also known as the 7 years war), Britain.
Admit Slip The colonists have just gained their independence from Great Britain by winning the Revolutionary War, what is the first order.

The Articles of Confederation 1st national government of America 1st national government of America confederation= loose association. What form of national government did the Patriots create initially, and what events revealed that a new government was necessary?
The Constitutional Convention Key Question: “How do you create a government strong enough to protect people but not. 1)No National Government Colonists did not want a national government Colonists thought a national government would be like.
Colonial America Colonists establish English-based political systems and traditions House of Burgesses (1619) –First elected.
Translation: the document was a conglomeration of compromises put together to make the Constitution saleable to the general population. The Paradoxical US Constitution The constitution … Is the most respected political document in the US and the most misunderstood.
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