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Most fine artists are self-employed, requiring some business knowledge including basic accounting.
Formal education in the arts is beneficial for fine artists, either in certificate programs or by pursuing a degree in fine arts. Once you have finished your educational program and developed a portfolio of your work, ongoing training through workshops, classes or private instruction will help you keep your skills current. If you love working with and maintaining antique records and documents, you could have a future exploring the past as an archivist. Curators, museum technicians and conservators oversee collections and perform repairs and preparations for an item to go on exhibit. If you like conveying ideas through visual media, you may enjoy working as a graphic designer.
Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers plan, craft and market new jewelry in addition to fixing, appraising or adjusting customer’s pieces. If visual effects, models and animations are your thing, you might check out working as a multimedia artist and animator.

If the smell of sawdust and varnish make you happy, a career as a woodworker may be worth exploring. Job prospects for fine artist are expected to grow at about 8% over the next decade, slightly slower than the average for all career paths. How to Become a Music PromoterJOB OVERVIEW Being a music promoter can be a fun and rewarding career. How to Become a 3D Animator3D animation is a highly technical skill that requires both artistic talent and computer knowledge. Qualities you should cultivate include creativity, artistic ability, manual dexterity, customer service skills, marketing and sales skills and interpersonal skills. If you receive a job at a business, you will probably be given basic tasks while observing other artists in the company and honing your own talents.
Many artists are self-employed, with widely-ranging fees, while others do not rely on fine arts alone for their main income. Economic conditions can also cause changes in opportunities for artists, as people are less likely to purchase art during difficult times and charitable foundation giving is also lessened, with the reverse being true during good economic conditions.

Your Career as a Camera Operator How to become a Set & Exhibit Designer How to Become an Artist What’s Your Future as a Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technician? Some art materials can release vapors, so working in a ventilated area with good filtration will protect your health. Many artists work an additional job until they become established as a professional artist, usually after their work circulates and evolves into a unique style. During busy times, such as preparing for an art show or when under a deadline, fine artists may work overtime. Competition for positions is expected to remain strong, with competition for gallery showings and grants remaining particularly intense.

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