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On the base of this woman’s back are a cluster of grey scale flowers with vines around them.
The rosary tattoo is done in an intricate design where the chain makes a heart as it makes its way down to where the cross is.
A realistic black widow tattoo with shadowing makes for a scary surprise when seen for the first time. The eternity symbol with the words faith in cursive to keep the infinity symbol continuous. An elaborate skeleton key at the base of the neck can be concealed easily with longer hair.

TweetGetting a deer tattoo can hold significant importance to some and sometimes symbolizes power and purity or it can simply mean that the person with a deer tattoo love deer.
Celebrities with neck tattoos: Chris Brown, David Beckham and hundreds of other celebrities. Other than that, the only other people to get neck tattoos were those who ran out of room elsewhere.
In the near future we will update this article with hundreds of names (from famous people and celebrities) that have neck tattoos. Neck tattoos are one of the hardest to cover up, even if you put it on the back of your neck and keep your hair over it, there is still a big risk of someone noticing.

This kind of tattoos looks lovely when inked on a small area of neck, wrist, back, foot, or finger. Choosing the appropriate neck tattoo should be something to think about since it cannot be covered up as easily.

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