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Zim & Zou is a French graphic design studio based in Nancy, composed of Lucie Thomas and myself, Thibault Zimmermann. Our strength is to be a complementary and polyvalent (Ed - Wow, Chemistry GCSE flashback) duo.
We decided to use paper in many of our projects because not only is it a basic material, accessible for everyone, but because it's a way to show the balance of power between digital and paper production. Your Back to Basics series reminds us of forgotten technologies in bold 80s colours, is there a link between this nostalgia and the fact that it’s all made out of paper?
You both must have a lot of patience, how long does it take to complete one object, for instance the Polaroid camera? You use sustainable paper to make your creations, is this an important part of your business? Of course, it's very important for us when using paper to be very careful about recycling and waste. Don't Panic attempt to credit photographers and content owners wherever possible, however due to the sheer size and nature of the internet this is sometimes impractical or impossible.
ARTIST STUDIO, A COWORKING SPACE, A PHOTO STUDIO, A PRINT MAKING STUDIO OR ANYWHERE DEDICATED TO WORK. The seminar is thought to approach the world of typography, to learn its basics and to make a better visual communication.
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You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. We studied graphic design in art school and the studio proposes a contemporary approach to design thanks to a mix of different fields such as paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration, web design etc. At art school we worked on projects separately but when we started to work as freelancers it became more evident. Every day we use some of those objects, such as the Polaroid camera and we often play Tetris on the original grey Gameboy.
It's pretty hard to say because sometimes we had to put this project on standby in order to work for commissions. And as we tried to use the computer as little as we could, we don't have any papercraft kit. A beautiful yet functional web design can lower bounce rate, increase page views, and attract more qualified leads!Planning out the design of a new site?
He worked as a graphic designer for several studios and agencies, until he set up his own studio in Madrid in 2005, where he develops communication projects for different clients.
These artists and designers have put their creative minds to reinventing the bookmark and have come up trumps. I think it works pretty well because graphic design is more than our job, it’s our passion.
The aspect of craftsmanship is really important for us and paper gives us an infinite amount of possibilities. For example the Polaroid camera was one of the hardest patterns to create because of its particular shape. And to be honest we found it more interesting the fact that the objects are not working, it places the user into a spectator position, a way to see the object out of its function.
We’ll talk about graphic design, art, communication, typographers, foundries… We’ll learn how to work with letters and text, how to compose a page, how to use a grid… The main objective of this seminar is to create a space of knowledge, reflection and debate, to enjoy one day between letters. He combines his work as a designer with teaching graphic design and other creative workshops. Back to Basics has different aspects, at first sight it's a tribute to vintage technologies which marked the technological evolution of the last years, and all the nostalgia of the memories that each have with them. We took pictures before finalizing the objects, so it may help a bit if you want to create some homemade papercraft!

Besides designing and teaching, he develops artistic projects, mainly in the field of collage.
It can make important information strikingly beautiful.Designing in the BrowserBefore Photoshop, there really was no other choice. He has exhibited regularly in a variety of venues and his work has been published in many national and international media. These bookmarks are lifting the literature from the pagesThe impressive designs highlight important characters and the general feel of the book as a whole. 1-page sites also tend to be bad for SEO since they rarely rank #1 on Google.Inappropriate Newsletter Opt-inNewsletter opt-in designs are great for keeping interested site visitors aware of new content. But there are appropriate places to have a newsletter opt-in such as when a visitor reads to the bottom of an interesting blog article, but not on the top of a homepage.Pop-Up Mobile AdsPop-up mobile ads sound like a great idea, but in reality, they’re a bounce rate killer.
Menu bookmark This bookmark by Greek design studio Mnm doubles as a business cardGreek Design studio Mnm created these cute and innovative bookmarks, which also function as menus and business cards, for a Cretan traditional restaurant in Athens. Using Google on a mobile device is meant for finding info fast and easy, but when a pop-up ad gets in the way, visitors will drop off fast.Device Dependent DesignWhen design is dependent on popular devices, you miss out on a ton of opportunity in the long run. According to Cubicle Ninjas’ site data, there are over 10 devices that make up the majority of our traffic including Apple, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Windows Tablet, and more.Mobile-First DesignYes, mobile is important. Book jacket bookmarks Igor Udeshlivy has created this matching set of book jackets and bookmarksWhen looking for inspiration for a bookmark design, why not consider the obvious – the books themselves? Complex GridsComplex grids make navigating through beautiful images and portfolio work functional and user-friendly.A Shift Away From Traditional NavigationThe hamburger navigation appeared everywhere in the web ecosystem. Igor Udeshlivy designed this unique series of bookmarks in combination with bespoke jacket designs for classic novels. With a click of a mouse, Web VR will soon have the ability to move a web visitor from one immersive experience to the next.
Wooden bookmarks Juozas Urbonavicius made good use of pyrogrphy to create these original bookmark designsLithuanian designer Juozas Urbonavicius produced these beautiful and strikingly original examples of bookmark design using thin wood pieces and applying animal figures using a pyrogrphic technique.

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