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FACEBOOKLaurie Creighton 3 days ago Seeking candidates for an assistant volleyball coaching position at Olympia High School. Doug, I doubt that the Gorilla would be able to get inside on the Bear to use its bite force. You can't forget that a Gorilla has extra extra strong bones that can protect against many attacks and bites from the bear. This is an interesting fight.  I think grizzly would win, but Gorilla would NOT try to kill bear by throwing bananas!!! That's alright man, I was just so heated up by some other guy on this website that I lost my nerve, it's nothing personal. Balazs, are you Hungarian-just wondering, but yoiu make your points well and very true-i concur on all points. In the hypothetical fight I suggested, the two animals were of roughly the same size and weight; otherwise, it is pointless to make comparisons. You all need to spend less time analyzing animal behavior, and spend more time with tutorials on proper spelling. I saw a few references to adult gorillas killed (or eaten) by leopards, but little or no hard evidence of a serious fight. The maximum weight of a male giant panda is about 150 kilogram, which is comparable to a male gorilla. This is partly wrong, because it was scientifically documented that the grizzlies of Yellowstone Park do attack even adult bisons, though only occasionally.
While I defended and argued for the silverback in the tiger fight, I can't do the same in this one.
Cmbnig, I appreciate your sentiment for the silverback, but the gorilla would be in way over his head against a behemoth like a grizzly or kodiak bear. Chimpanzees, elephants and crows are the only living animals, besides humans, to use tools as weapons, for hunting or defense. Remember though, vag, gorillas don't have the concept in their mind to be able to use weapons. The Grizzly is way stronger than a gorilla and could tear its arm off-Grizzly's efortlessly move huge boulders-cougars DO avoid and are fearfull of Grizzlys and give them a wide berth-Wolveriines are ballsey and would stand up to an elephant-that takes nothing away from the Grizzly.
Look at what that chimp that went berserk did to that poor woman awhile back,the chimp ripped off her face, fingers anything it could get it`s hands on and it began to eat her alive.A gorilla is much stronger than a chimp, they don`t punch they will rip and tear a animal or human apart limb by limb. Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment to the goals of character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. The Cub Scout uniform should be worn to all Cub Scout activities including, but not limited to, Den Meetings and Pack Meetings. Scouts have the option to wear their scouting hats, belts, pants, etc., but these are not required. This amount includes seller specified US shipping charges as well as applicable international shipping, handling, and other fees. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking.
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The Bear attack would consist of a charge and a steady barrage of clawed slaps to the Gorilla's face. Do you realize the gorilla has stronger limbs, stronger bite force, higher intelligence, and thumbs? The stereotypes of someone going berserk like a gorilla, while another is strong as a bear, exist for a reason. The bear already pissed off by something would let out a growl, and of course he would rear up and growl. A large male gorilla would probably stand very little chance against a black bear of smaller stature than itself. Dian Fossey wrote a lot about how silverback gorillas fight with other male gorillas and how they attack humans.
Bears have 4 in long claws and they always go for the head and face of victims if you watch animal attacks on humans at all in the news or animal planet.
I completely agree with that a big bear is one of the toughest game to shoot, particularly if it suddenly attacks the hunter in a dense bush. I'm actually Norwegian, my ma just loved the name, however, my wife is 100% Hungarian, and i have only met one other Attila-he is singer in a Black Metal band called Mayhem-i also met a Balazs working with him on tour!    Thats cool information-I have seen a youtube video of a warthog or wild boar killing a lion-they're certainly no pushovers! In contrast, the gorilla's chest is not covered by thick fur, and thus the canines and claws of the bear would probably cause massive blood loss.
After all, pieces of gorilla hair or bones in leopard scat may sometimes indicate only that the leopard found a dead gorilla and ate it. I agree with most of your comments except the one on the chances of a panda to kill a gorilla and the one about a bear's capability of knocking off a human head. As far as I know, pandas have very strong molar teeth (for grinding bamboo, as you said), but their canines may not be very conspicuous, because they are neither predators nor animals which have frequent and intense territorial fights.

Although the bear CAN'T ( THAT'S CAN'T IT MEANS CAN NOT) kill bison,hippos, or anything like that, it could still a kill tiger and would be a formidable opponent. Just because a bear isn’t built to lift things doesn't mean it doesn't have more muscle mass.
The sheer arm strenth of the grizzly with its enormous claws would be way too much for the silverback, even with its own tree trunk arms.
A Grizzly bear does have enemies,the gray wolf will get in a pack,and stand their ground,they are not afraid of the Grizzly and a lone cougar is not afraid of the Grizzly, it too will stand its ground,even a small wolverine will agressively harass a Grizzly.
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The Gorilla, with its long arms and opposable thumbs would be able to halt this first attack and escape with minor flesh wounds.
The bear is stronger, even if his bite and body morphology are less suited for jumping and dodging as the gorilla. Which is similar to the Florida Panther, once a Florida panther fled letting a pack of hunting dogs, witch it could have killed, kill its kittens. This is NOT even a fight but a complete mismatch.Silverback Gorillas are killed by big cats in the gungle all the time.Gorillas are NOT fighters! And that little statement you made about "Steve Irwin" was extremely fucked up, so, I don't care about you or your opinions, in fact, I hope he haunts you!!
Older publications by reliable European hunters also describe a few cases of gorilla attacks on African hunters who attempted to kill them with spears or arrows.
Bears can outmuscle any other predator(even though a gorrila is no predator)and is more than twice the size of an adult silverback gorrila. Although a bear could killl one, they wouldn't risk it as it wouldn't be worth it unless starving-all predators make this choice-they have to hunt again and don't want to risk injury-you're right.
BTW, the bites of big cats and other carnivores are much more likely to lead to blood poisoning that the bites of bears or gorillas.
I think a leopard would try to catch a young gorilla by a surprise attack, rather than to pick up an open fight with a silverback. I think no land animal, but possibly not even a blue whale, is able to knock off a human head with the mere force of a single blow, since a blow that is strong enough to break and sever all the bones and muscles in one's neck is surely strong enough to knock the victim off his feet. You're also forgetting that the grizzly can lift its tremendous body on its hind legs and literally overpower the gorilla.
The bear still has more muscle mass (about 50-55% of their total body weight), and they have even been recorded to kill the 14-16ft long male alligators that lurk in the Everglades. A Grizzlie`s power is in its lower body, once that gorilla gets a good hold on any limb of the Grizzlie it will rip it off.
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The Gorilla would try to use its speed to get around the Bear and avoid its blows but would have trouble doing so. However, brown bears have been filmed backing down from fights when female cougars swiped at their face when their cubs were threatened. Nothing can stop an enraged grizzly-even hunters who've shot them while being charged by a grizzly have been mauled to death after the shot hit the bear. He shows how smart a bear is, covering its tracks or laying in ambush if it suspects that someone is following it. The Grizzly could swipe the gorrilla and break bones besides rake its belly open from the side.
That is, the guy would be sent flying long before his skull said goodbye his spinal column.
The giant panda is a generally a passive animal and not initiate to attack man or other animals. Although, it’s still possible for the silverback to prevail; however, the black bear would still win most of the time. View on Facebook·ShareOlympia High School Volleyball 1 month ago THANK YOU to Abby's Cookies & Cupcakes and Brain Training with Linda Terry for donating to the OHS GROWL Auction!!! In a feeble last attempt, to kill the Grizzly the Gorilla tries throwing bananas at it.
Black bears, for their part, have been seen running away from domestic house cats when they descend on human settlements. Gorillas do not seek a hold on the opponent's throat or jugular as determinedly and purposefully as a predator.
A blunt object is not sufficient to achieve such a result; one needs a sharp instrument for that. Also, there was a study done that showed a bear cub managed to move a 70kg boulder, which in term, an average human wouldn’t do shit. But, the only land animals in the world that can take down a giant grizzly would either be an african savannah elephant or another bear of equal size. You can't just say that just because they're birds, they don't carry a better knowledge of tools than gorillas do. This does not stop the Bear's fatal charge as it pins the Gorilla and bites its jugular, spraying its blood everywhere.

The bear is very powerful, and resistant to damage, but does not anger as easily as a gorilla, and often does flee from fights if he believes he's going to take serious damage. Has anyone seen the video of the panda that took off the Chinese man’s jacket at the zoo and it required 5- 7 people to pull it and still, the panda won the tug of war, without even having opposable thumbs. Generally when hearing abnormal sounds the giant panda will escape the area immediately or they will climb the nearest tree. A bear of similar weight barreling towards a slower gorilla will stun the ape more than the ape will stun the bear. The gorilla's best shot would be to stand his grown and deliver blows to the bear's face, not to jump in a tree or run away.
This is actually quite devastating if the victim is a human being, but it does not make the same impact on such a massively built beast as a bear. It's been proven that a Kodiak bear's paws are so strong; they can literally knock the head off of a human and crush the skull of a moose. They also require upper- body strength, considering that they are partially arboreal animals and have sharp claws to help them climb. Should they become trapped the giant panda will cover their face with their paws often hiding its eye-patches and curl up. It's been even DOCUMENTED that one bullet is enough to deter an enraged silverback, but even with a couple of bullets lodged in it, an enraged grizzly would keep charging at the hunter that's firing at the animal.
Chimps are more intelligent than gorillas, yet gorillas could understand sign language, which chimpanzees have a couple of disabilities understanding. In contrast, a bear instinctively knows how to twist and break even a bull's neck with its paws.
The first occurred in the forest of Sindon and the second in the forest of Churu, both localities lying at the foot of Mount Mitra.
Grizzlies also have a hum of muscle mass on their backs than gives them stronger shoulders.
Both cats have the ability to shatter the ribcage of the average man in a single swipe, and a bear would do that even easier.
The domestic dog is the ONLY animal, besides us, to understand the jesters of your arm (pointing to something or somewhere), and yet, they aren’t as smart as chimpanzees I read a recent article that showed how dogs did much better than chimpanzees in a “pointing” test. In a bear-gorilla fight, the bear would rain well-aimed blows on the gorilla's head and, if possible, go for a throat hold.
Domestic dogs seem to understand the ways of the human language, as they have evolved with us, for over the past 17,000 years. Its long claws would inflict serious injuries, without any comparable retaliation from the gorilla. Bears are considered one of the strongest land mammals, pound for pound, even out topping felines. Also, there have been a few documented cases of leopards killing silverback gorillas, so, why would you think a gorilla could kill a bear that is larger, stronger, has larger claws, and has a stronger bite than a leopard?
I doubt if the bear could kill the gorilla with a single blow or two, but a prolonged fight would be more advantageous for it than for the gorilla, because the bear would be more able to inflict wounds (not only by its teeth but also by its claws), its fur would probably give it more protection, and it would attack its opponent's most vulnerable points in a more purposeful and systematic way. There have been no documented cases of neither captive, nor wild gorillas using weapons or tools. The gorilla would definitely fight back as best as it could, but I doubt if it would be able to inflict a mortal injury on the bear early enough to win the fight before it is overcome by the blood loss caused by the bear's bites and claws. The wounded animal attacked the hunter vigorously, and caused severe injuries with his hands, completely ripping the buttocks and the ankles of both legs. Brown bears have a bite force of 1200 PSI and gorillas have one of 1300PSI, however, a bear's skull is usually larger than a gorilla’s and can deliver more force.
An animal with such thick bones, a powerful skull, and a bite force ranging from 15,000-30,000 PSI……. In contrast, bears, as many hunters starting with Lewis and Clark discovered, were able, and willing, to continue fighting even after they suffered very serious gunshot wounds. That would easily shatter the shoulder of Kong, as you could clearly see how many times he gets bitten……… Also, there have been quite a few documented cases of the MUCH smaller leopard, killing a male silverback. About 3 PM they were starting to return and Manuel Nsue went on ahead to prepare the canoe. They’re built for pushing objects like boulders to find grubs and other small animals as a secondary food source. This is because, first of all, Tyrannosaurus would have much thicker bones than Kong, even at similar size, their skull was extremely durable, and so it is very unlikely, even a gorilla such as Kong could smash it, and last but not least, they made it like the rex's bites only gave little teeth marks, which really, one bite is enough to cripple Kong, so he cannot even use his arm properly anymore in combat.
Strength is not the only thing big cats posses, but also agility, however, I still think one hit from a silverback gorilla can kill the leopard, or cripple it very seriously, to force it to drop out of the fight. There have been studies done that showed a bear cub managed to move a 70kg with little effort, while an adult man struggled to do so. Also, I know how Kong uses logs as weapons, which doesn't apply to actual gorillas, at all.
And BTW, gorillas are fairly docile animals, and a male silverback would rather move his whole troop, than fight an aggressive animal.
Let’s picture this…… A 600 lb grizzly bear is barreling towards a silverback gorilla, while the ape is going at his maximum speed. The enraged animal pressed its attack on Manuel's hands who used them to ward off the animal's blows.
However, chimpanzees are the most aggressive great ape around, and will charge at someone who challenges them to a battle, unlike the gorilla, who would rather retreat than fight.

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