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For me, it’s either professional models with perfect teeth smiling at a blank computer screen or a hefty price tag (or both).
So you can only image my excitement when I saw an article about a startup that’s hell bent on ridding the world of bad stock photography.
They’re called Death to the Stock Photo (their dislike of bad stock photography is right in their name) and they want to provide photos and images people will actually want to look at. I’d definitely recommend Death to the Stock Photo for small business owners looking for fresh images.
I think a local restaurant owner summed up Death to the Stock Photo best in a LinkedIn comment “Holy crap, Shawn Graham! Have you subscribed for free small business marketing tips?  Get easy-to-implement advice about online marketing, blogging, customer engagement, and social media delivered fresh to your inbox by signing up in the sidebar on the right.
Allie - Thanks for the comment and for helping to create a resource that small businesses can use to find affordable (free) and visually interesting stock photos. Your company’s web site should be as desirable as possible if you want to entice possible clients and keep existing customers feeling secure and loyal. Graphic design describes more than simply creating an appealing logo – it contribute to the general feel and visual aspect of your online visibility.
Forming an identifiable brand is one of the most crucial things you can do to lead your business to success. Some best methods for graphic design incorporate: adjusting color schemes to appeal to your target audience, selecting fonts that are understandable and consistent, streamlining your online appearance for ease-of-use, and generating quality images, buttons, or banners to use in all areas of your online marketing approach.
Many companies decide to use mass-produced images or generic templates for their web sites rather than taking the steps required to visualize a unique image. Graphic and web design experts can provide your business comprehensive coverage for all of your online marketing strategy needs. Rich Stark (760) 576-4892 - A San Diego web design company is run by Rich Stark, a 15 year veteran of search engine optimization, web design and marketing. It's always great learning about new resources--especially when they're an alternative to bad stock photography.
Hiring a graphic design professional can help you achieve a cohesive and imaginative appearance in all of your online marketing campaigns.
Specialist graphic designers can help you set up a cohesive visual message to convey to the rest of the world.
Your brand is what specifies your business to the rest of the world – and if it is uninteresting or challenging, it could be holding you back. Graphic designers possess an eye for artistic content and the skill to translate that through imaging and web design.

Some try to take matters into their own hands, which too commonly results in low-quality images and sites that are susceptible to design defects.
An useful web page will help you keep your existing customers intrigued, and will likely entice a new plethora of business. High-quality visuals and web design can permit your company to stand apart from your opposition and display your professional disposition. Maintaining an effective online presence is more vital than ever, so you want to be sure that you are projecting a desirable image of your company so as to increase your popularity and make more sales. The logo you choose should have the capacity to change with your business’s growth for many years, so make certain you know how it will be utilized in all of your marketing efforts from email marketing blasts to printed banners or t-shirts.
Even the most miniscule modifications to your web and graphic design can have more of an impact on customers than you may know, so make sure that you are being as engaging and appealing as possible. By opting for a graphic design service business, you can be assured that you are going to receive professional-grade design and not a cheap imitation. Graphic design can be included in all areas of your online presence, from email marketing, to mobile websites, to call-to-action buttons on your homepage.
If your corporation logo doesn’t demonstrate your company accurately, you could end up misrepresenting your services or puzzling customers. Go ahead expand your browser window out as far as your screen allows and it just maximizes the space without feeling cluttered. Furthermore, the strength of the layout and menu structure does not degrade at smaller screen sizes. Nicely done.Food SenseClean layout, beautiful photography and playful iconography made me like this site immediately on my first visit. I like the permanent menu and footer bars on my desktop, but appreciate how the footer moves to make room for more important content on my iPhone. An excellent example that responsive design done well looks great on any size screen.CSS TricksIt might be the conspicuous green frog that causes me love this site. Either way, it’s worth resizing your browser window just to see him change size, shape and color. The breakpoints correspond well with the layout requirements and the result is a sharp looking site that does not degrade at any size.
The main menu always looks good even when those sweet little icons go away to make room on smaller screens.Grey GooseThe Grey Goose site shows that designing responsively does not limit our designs to columns of fluid text and images on solid backgrounds. Beautiful photography, parallax scrolling, intuitive navigation and refined typography combine to create a site that is as equally functional and attractive on my smart iPhone as it is my iMac. This list is not in order of our preference, but if it was I think Grey Goose would be at the top.New Adventures In Web DesignWith a name like “New Adventures In Web Design,” one would expect a responsive site for this web design conference.

Notice how the menu, headline and body text resize subtly to achieve optimal legibility on all devices. Good design is all about the details and this site has the details dialed in.Lancaster UniversityWebsites in the higher education space are not necessarily known for being on the leading edge of design trends. The great content is accompanied by subtle texture, beautiful illustration and–thanks to its responsive nature–is easily accessible no matter what device you fancy.HeathlifeHeathlife celebrates the heritage of one of London’s largest parks. Where many large responsive websites omit content for smaller screen sizes, London & Partners keeps it all, maximizing accessibility for mobile users. This is a good reminder that responsive design is an excellent solution for large and small site alike.Oliver RussellOliver Russell has done a good job of building a site that responds well on mobile devices while keeping the integrity of the design in tact.
My eyes are drawn to the most important sales points and I can access nearly all that I want to know without leaving the homepage. Refreshingly simple compared to the laborious, text heavy website of other marketing firms. Well branded and brilliantly responsive, Ryan’s site is a thing of beauty on any screen.Jessica HischeJessica’s lettering and illustration rocks and so does her site. One of which is “Teen Girl Mode”, replete with rediculously distracting animated gifs and a hideous cat illustration (Just click on the little heart in the upper right corner).ForkMaybe it’s the friendly King Trident mascot, but this happy little site makes me want to download the Fork cms straightaway, or at least “try the demo”.
Overall, site reformats and displays nicely on a variety of display ports.Ethan MarcotteEthan coined the phrase, ‘Responsive Web Design’ in 2010, so it comes without surprise that his website is responsive. Ethan’s belief in articulate and intelligent design is expressed in a site that is straight and to the point without extraneous decoration.United Pixel WorkersThis t-shirt shop site stretches and shrinks to fill any size view port with photos of their hip graphic t’s.
Currently it takes up an unnecessary amount of valuable screen space on my iPhone.Trent WaltonTrent’s site is an excellent example of fluid type. On a large monitor the text size is slightly bigger for increased readability, whereas the text shrinks to achieve comfortable line lengths and legibility on my iPhone. I also really like the simple block print style illustrations Trent includes in his articles.
He has supported the development of over 100 websites, with a keen focus on responsive design. This approach is integrated into everything we do, from design and development, to engineering and social media strategy.

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