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How many times has this scenario happened in your house; There you are busy cooking dinner, driving, answering emails, sending a text message, etc, while your children are talking to you.
Remember to post this week’s verse in a location where you will see it often and will be reminded┬áto practice it with your child throughout the day. For the devout followers of Jesus Christ, the Holy scriptures contain numerous Bible verses about friendship that not only teach devoted Christians on how to choose friends, but also on how to sustain healthy friendships.
Before I quote certain verses from the Holy Scripture, I would first like to state a message from Jesus Christ himself on how friendship can break barriers between human beings. Christian Lock Screens is a collection of inspirational wallpapers and biblical verses for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

In order to save the image as a lock screen you will need to allow Christian Lock Screens to save images to your device's camera roll.
Welcome Rawr Messenger, a fascinating combination of messaging and Xbox-like avatars that's clearly designed for teens.
Additionally, numerous Bible verses about bad friendship point out the traits of individuals that you want to avoid when determining whether to befriend a certain someone or not. This free iOS messaging app depicts avatars in the backdrop of a conversation that can react according to hashtag commands. We must show them how to shut off distraction and things of the earth that will fade, and focus their eyes on the never-failing, relentlessly-loving, all-consuming father!

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