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The black rose grows only to Halfeti, a small town in Turkey, but is now threatened with extinction.
The black rose of Halfeti is so called because it grows only in a small turkish village, Halfeti precisely, crossed from the Euphrates and inhabited by just over 30,000 people.
Unfortunately the only bad news concerning the fate of the black rose that is in fact endangered. Rare and seasonal, this rose is not the result of experiments in biotechnology, neither of fiction film, but is the result of the influence of the soil from it grows, and the water, which it absorbs on the color of the petals of the flower.

Thanks to its soil and the pH of the water of the river that passes through it, the small town can give hospitality to these beautiful black roses, that grows only in small quantities, only once a year: the flowering begins in the spring, when the petals take a dark red color, and ends in the summer, when they are blacks. This color, composed of shades of red and blue peaks, may tend to purple and, in the case of the rose of Halfeti, also give the color black.
At the end of the 90s, the construction of dams planned by the turkish government has flooding totally Halfeti, today emerged only in part, forcing the inhabitants to move about 10 km away.
The local population is attracted, but at the same time frightened, about of this rarity of nature.

The black color is often a symbol of mystery, hope and passion, but also death and bad news.

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