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Externally threaded jewelry is where the threads are actually on the outside of the metal shaft.
L-shaped nose rings are an easy-to-use favorite style, but who doesn’t love something new? Try out this unique pierced nose jewelry that looks like a hoop but relies on the L-shaped post that you already love to use! When moving from one gauge to another, or beginning the process of stretching your earlobes, it’s so important to do it safely and properly. You can always go to a piercer for help with the stretching process, but many people choose to do it at home. Allow your piercings to heal, and then wait twice the length of that time before you start stretching.
Get your hands on a stretching kit and a good lubricant or stretching balm. Start at a 14 or 16 gauge taper.
Always consult with your piercer if you’re unsure about any jewelry changing procedures, including increasing the gauge size.
Body piercings can be a permanent investment, and for a lot of people, the time and care they have to put into them can determine or detour their decision to get pierced.
While every body is different, if you follow your aftercare directions, you’ll land somewhere within these ranges. Also known as Yantra, it originates in Thailand where it is commonly practiced, this is also common in Myanmar. Bamboo tattooing is the art of tattooing using very fine needles attached to the end of a thin piece of bamboo.
With bamboo tattooing, the skin is punctured but not torn, which results in a significant reduction in pain and bleeding. Bamboo tattoos are recommended for delicate areas to tattoo such as feet, which are not ideal areas for the machine to tattoo due to inevitable rubbing and fading caused by wearing socks and footwear.
National Piercing Day is the day where the art of body piercing is celebrated and promoted.
Some of us choose to pierce for reasons like fashion or rebellion, others choose the more spiritual justification of the past. For people like me who love tattoos and body art, it’s a fun activity to flip through pages and pages of tattoo photos considering and researching the symbolism in every design. The bride’s hands and feet are decorated with intricate henna designs that will last anywhere from a week up to several weeks. Henna in the West: Henna artists can be found at any major summertime music festival, county and state fairs, and along the beaches of tourist cities.
Many people are drawn to henna tattoos for their detail, their traditional designs, and the temporary effect. If you are interested in getting a tattoo, but want to experiment with different styles and placements, temporary tattoos offer a lot of creative options for your body decoration. For the really creative, adapting temporary tribal tattoos can be a way for you to incorporate your own creativity into your body art before you are ready for something more permanent.

Bindis are a traditional sign of faith and devotion to the Hindu religion and accounts of it’s significance can be found in texts dating back thousands of years and have become a staple in Indian fashion.
The bindi symbolizes so much more than a religious devotion: it is a symbol of Indian identity and a culturally specific fashion accessory. Wherever you are in the world, whatever your fashion taste, remember that only the best accessories can be considered iconic. Black Blue Sugar Skull Art Stud Earrings These artsy sugar skull earrings impart the perfect dose of Latin flare. His tongue is cleaned and sanitized, then temporary marks are made on both the top and underside for placement. Also, this area is very thin skin over bone, which is widely known to be a very painful area to tattoo. Whatever your reason, if you’re considering getting a piercing, today’s the day to do it! It also gives me a chance to think of the future in general and my own future in particular. Like all forms of body art, it was once a localized form of decoration in the Middle East and Asia for ceremonial purposes. After the wedding the bride is expected to move into her husband’s home with his family. Teenagers especially are drawn to henna art because of the strict age and parental consent laws in each US state. Fashion trends are meant to have a shelf-life, to develop, bloom, and then fade into memory. This kind of piercing should not be done casually; typical gauges for a bindi piercing are 16 or 14 gauge curved barbells which can extend the healing time of the piercing. Stretching too soon or too fast can lead to bleeding, tearing and permanent damage to the tissue in your lobes. Even if you can’t see any sort of irritation, your tissue is stretching and forming micro-tears, which are just as susceptible to infection as an open wound is. The needles are put in a line instead of gathered in a round pattern,  so that a very fine line can be achieved.
But with the spread of globalization more people around the globe are decorating themselves with henna.
Tradition holds that so long as the henna on the bride’s hands and feet were still visible, she was not required to contribute to the work in the household. The wide appeal also allows for a lot of creativity in the designs: why limit yourself to Indian ceremonial patterns?

However, there are certain forms of decoration that transcend this definition and become something more than beauty enhancement. Also, with the thickness of the piercing, minor but visible scarring can occur if the time comes for the piercing to be abandoned.
Professional externally threaded jewelry comes lathed down on the end which helps to reduce tearing when jewelry is inserted. Stretching your lobes in the shower (if it’s possible for you to safely do so) or right after you get out can make things a little easier because the tissue will be more flexible.
The piercing needle goes up through the tongue, and a cork is applied to the end to cover the pointed end.
And because there is less trauma to the the skin, there is less bleeding which can push the color out of the skin. In  many cultures across the world, in both today’s society and the past, body piercing is practiced and respected. I have seen Celtic, tribal, celestial, and all other kinds of henna designs at concerts I have attended. Some piercers will be willing to use a thicker needle (up to a 10 gauge), which will help you skip a few beginning sizes on your stretching. Before you even read on with healing times, please know the biggest factor in the length of time it takes is you.
The jewelry itself (a 14 or 12 gauge straight barbell) is inserted by following the needle directly through the hole and out through the top. Earrings and nose rings had their place in Ancient Egypt, lip and tongue piercings date back to African and American tribal cultures. Due to all these factors, there’s no problem going into the sun immediately following the bamboo method of tattooing.
Temporary tattoos are a great way to discover what kind of design is right for you and also let you experiment with different placements.
This varies person to person, some find it to be more so than machine tattooing, it all depends on your body and the area you are tattooing.

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