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Mind-bending, controversial, thought-provoking, insane … Body Worlds evokes a stream of descriptions, all of which fail to convey how truly unique this exhibition is. Part art exhibit, part anatomy lesson, Gunther von Hagens uses real human bodies, donated specifically for his exhibition, to intrigue and instruct museum visitors.
If you happen to be in San Diego this summer, you can see Body World’s at the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park.
In 2007, Tony and Thomas decided to quit their jobs, leave the security of sedentary life behind, and travel the globe full time. Plastination is a technique of preserving bodies or body parts by replacing the water and fat components by certain plastics, thereby yielding specimens that can be touched, do not smell or decay, and even retain most properties of the original sample. AnonymousJune 4, 2012 at 7:30 PMI was on the exhibition of people bodies showed in that way.

Otherwise, take a look at the Body Worlds Website to find other current and planned showings of the exhibit in the U.S.
Join us as we explore the world, discover its wonders, and experiment with our own version of contemporary nomadic living.
Plastination was invented by the German anatomist Gunther von Hagens in 1977, and later he founded the Institute of Plastination in Heidelberg in 1993. It was started in the year 1998 and initially there were not much takers, now it is a fully fledged body painting community who create amazing 3d body art on models. Spamming is futile, so please avoid.To ensure that this page is free of spam, all comments are moderated, so it may take a while for your comments to appear. Many body painting artists from more than 40 countries participate in this festival to showcase their talents to the world.

In the early stages only bodypainting art were showcased, now they have included face paintings along with the body art. Upon checking it out later, I found out the answer to my question: where do the bodies come from. In this post we have collected some award winning body painting art ideas for your inspiration. Having seen humans, a horse and a camel I would therefore like to see equivalent exhibits of a plastinated dog.

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