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These 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever words should symbolize me, my life, happiness, etc… I wish I could be cleverer and come up with something awesome, but my brain doesn’t work… so…. This is going to go on the inside or outside of my left ankle (still have to decide upon that as well), but… yes… get to work and let me know what you come up with. As a birthday present from my mother (and a part one-year Spark-versary reward to my journey)… I am getting a new tattoo.

I can get as many or as few butterflies as I want… I was thinking of getting “serenity, courage, and wisdom” (the Serenity Prayer), or “faith, hope, love” or “live, laugh, love” or even I could get 4 of them and get “earth, air, fire, water” for the elements… hmmmmm…. Her ideas were: truth, love, mother, hope, friendship, bookworm, courage, justice, angel, traveler, dragon, (symbols for the seasons), rainbow, dream, romance, hero, strength, beauty, and monkey (cause I call my son “monkey” all the time hehe). The tattoo will be similar to this (just an example, my tattoo guy is going to draw me some butterflies and enhance it in our own way with stars and such..

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