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Back of neck is one of the best places to tattoo small and cute tattoos for women and girls, besides nearly all tattoo designs can choose, like stars tattoo, flowers tattoos…, even some funny tattoos like bat tattoo also well, just love is ok.
So in the end folks, this article proves that tattoos are there for the good times and the bad, but they’re there for life. The Trayvon tattoo is a bit more complicated, as explaining it would cause us to delve into the kind of commentary that we’re just not smart enough to take part in.

The awesome piece belongs to a guy named Kevin Pacheco, and it’s one of the nerdiest and coolest tattoos we’ve ever seen! However, it should be noted that The Game’s picture was used in a widely spread chain e-mail that was sent around during the George Zimmerman (the man who killed Martin) trial. No one ever says they want the good news first, if they do they’re probably a Communist or a hipster.

They were stenciled from photos of the two iconic individuals, and the artist (Roman Abrego) did a great job on both.

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