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Located along Veterans Road in Taguig, an oasis tucked inside an old building full of warehouses. THOUSANDFOLD is a multi-platform artist-run space for contemporary photography focused on the expansion and education of visual literacy and independent publishing in the Philippines. Their active space is also home to photography studio for rent and a specialty small-batch bookstore dedicated to hard-to-find international and independent photobooks, monographs, artist books, and photozines direct from authors and publishers.
Through their Special Projects and Thousandfold small press, they push for the production of new works and more publication of Filipino content by working with invited photographers to create distinctive photobooks, artist books, and handmade photozines. Thousandfold is not just for photographers and artists, but also for curious individuals, appreciators, collectors, amateurs, and students; all are invited to get to know the diverse spectrum of contemporary photography and learn more about from the artistic processes of current practitioners.
FEDERICO LOMBARDO - ARTIST INFO"I am interested in creating formal and conceptual tensions; faces which in appearance seem gentle and pure can hide a soul embodying the exact opposite.

They operate as a photobook library with an archive of 200++ recent local and international titles and as a venue for varied critical programming including workshops and curated events that bring the photography community together.
They’re also the informal headquarters of the newly-formed Photobook Club Manila, the counterpart of other cities worldwide.
If you buy this artwork and aren't satisfied email us within 14 days and we'll refund your money. The final result is that the represented characters seem to be a little like aliens yet want to reflect their very own formal codes and who only in appearance are like human beings. They also produce new works through Thousandfold small press, their arm for special projects and independent publishing of handmade photobooks. The face becomes a map which if deconstructed can make us understand the origin of emotions, starting for example from the formal study of the eye, or from the relationship between the cheek and the mouth.

The technique of painting has a sense in a context, open to a philosophical conceptual reflection on Man and the world.
In this context, the very act of painting and of drawing itself can be seen as a method of acknowledging reality, filtered by the mind and by the 'stomach'.

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