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There are several options on how to watermark your images online, but using an online service can have its drawbacks. The most obvious offline method of watermarking your images is using Photoshop, and while at first, it might not seem to be the easiest, it gives you the most flexibility and allows you to watermark your images exactly the way you want to. To watermark your image, first select the colour you want the text to appear in – we would suggest white. Once you’ve determined the size of the text, and the placement, you’ll probably want to make the text less opaque.
Under Blending Options, drag the opacity bar down until the watermark looks the way you want it to. If you want to get creative, play around with some of the other options found under Blending options such as Bevel and Emboss, to create a more elaborate watermark. If you want to rotate the watermark to appear diagonally across the image, select the Marquee Tool, right click the text and select Free Transform. Hovering the mouse over any given corner, you should see a small curved arrow indicating that you can rotate the image at an angle. Using the copyright symbol found under Photoshop’s shapes, you can create a very simple watermark that allows you to protect the entire image.
Select the copyright sign, and draw the shape on your image, determining the size and colour. When using a symbol as a watermark, using the additional Blending Options can really come to life. Another method is to create the shape, using black as your colour, and then applying the Emboss filter to the shape. If you want to create an action, to make it easier to batch watermark images, record the steps that you choose to take and watermark your images at the click of a button. To create your action, follow the instructions outlined here, with the steps outlined above for your preferred watermark.
From there you can select the source folder that contains the images you want to watermark, the action you want to use, and where you want to save your watermarked images.
And of course for those of you want to make life as easy as possible, there are free Photoshop watermark actions available for download, such as PSNick’s action downloadable from DeviantArt.

After creating the watermark it wouldn’t be great to insert automatically this watermark?
Actually Photoshop is more concise raster graphics software where you have to use your mind to create designs and image effects. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. A traditional watermark is a variation in the thickness of paper that is visible under certain conditions.
While there are thousands of free fonts available for download online, sometimes it can be really hard to wade through everything that's available. If you travel a lot for work (or any reason), then what I'm about to say should come as no surprise to you. Automate complex tasks you would normally do by hand in conventional image editing software.
From the color palette of a rainbow to harmonic color gradients for your new text watermark: bulkWaterMark supports almost infinite design possibilities for your professional image protection.
Position watermarks on photos.Select multiple corners of the image or use a tile watermark. Effects for the last tweak of your watermark.Use optical fine tuning to perfect your watermark. Like the so-called layer styles in Photoshop, layer effects in bulkWaterMark take care of realistic drop shadows of icons, attention catching glowing of shapes or highlighting lettering with a stroke. Even short text watermarks can transport meaningful messages - who can deny that in times of Twitter and short message services?
They sometimes impose certain limitations, such as capping the image file size, and there is also the obvious inconvenience of not being able to watermark your images unless you have an internet connection. And once you create your watermark using Photoshop, you can easily automate the process using your very own Photoshop action, and even batch watermark images. Simply open the image or logo you want to use as your watermark, copy and paste it onto your image in Photoshop, and as described above, decrease the watermark’s opacity. With a symbol like this, it’s possible to place it over the entire picture without detracting too much from the image itself.

For example, with the copyright symbol, select Soft Light from the drop down menu, and make sure that Bevel and Emboss is checked.
CS versions has made so many things more easy but still it is a great tool for designers and photographers. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. If you're an inexperienced computer user, the thought of jumping between keys to make system-level changes to your machine can leave you shaking in your boots. Cool, then you will learn bulkWaterMark's image editing tools fast and love its watermark design possibilities. This means for example that you now can stamp a watermark in the top left corner of your photos and another watermark that displays photo informations in the bottom center of your image. In bulkWaterMark you can use effects without limitations for vector graphics, dynamic texts or logos. All the other people who try to teach that assume the viewers are already Photoshop experts. Craft your visual image protection out of text or image watermarks and perfect their look with gradient colors and layer effects.
Scale and rotate layers intuitive like you do in other image editing or office software products.
The contents of your text watermarks can be static or dynamic, by using expressions for watermarking photos. Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1. Thanks for subscribing.SamBeast596: This is a slimply a simple tutorial about how to simply add a simple water mark!

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