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Nice work, I was dating this girl and she had this crappy looking unreadable mess on her hip. Crashinskinoff wrote: Nice work, I was dating this girl and she had this crappy looking unreadable mess on her hip.
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I went to a tattoo convention in Biloxi last weekend and entered the contest for large black & grey, and two pieces in large color. Mine just made the large category by an inch or less, and one of the winners was a large back tattoo. Your answers will help Vital and the MX industry better understand what consumers like you want.
You can use this character because they are unique and it seems that you will be the only person who takes this kind of tattoo.

If the tattoo designer is the real expert, there is a big possibility that you will get the design you really want.
Of course, you can find the cool items on this game to be your inspiration to make a tattoo. Here at frosty beach rabbitry, we breed and raise mainly quality mini rex in the colors Black, Broken, Castor, Black otter, opal, and red. I thought it was shitty that you had to put the artist's name on the entry form - just reeked of favoritism.
3 beautiful kids and have been shit on (literally) more than I can count, this makes me smile (especially since the ex wife didnt get to touch the $400 it cost to get). Second, you can go to the tattoo expert and make a request to create the tattoo on your sleeve or any other part of your body. Consulting the position and the final result with the tattoo designer is very important to do.

As a side project, we also raise and breed Angoras (NEW), English lops (NEW), French lops (NEW), and netherland dwarfs.When buying rabbits from us as show animals, they will come with a pedigree, and a tattoo.
Just about every artist booth I walked by stopped me and checked out my Medusa tat, so I was pretty pleased despite not placing.
Now, you have two halo tattoos for your reference and you are ready to create a cool tattoo.

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