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Okay, so your article yesterday about Genius playlists in iTunes (see How to Create Genius Playlists in iTunes 8) has me intrigued and I’d like to experiment with it.
Would it work on my iPhone where I have a lot of albums, but a lot less than in my big iTunes library? Nonetheless, it is an interesting and potentially cool addition to the capabilities of both the iPhone and the iPod Touch.
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This guide is made specially for iPod userw who want iPod Playlist Maker and are confused by how to make a ipod playlist and how to create playlist on ipod.
Tip: Please make sure that your iTunes is closed when you use the iPod Nano Music Transfer. Once on the My Music tab, you can tap the iCloud download button to download it (or, worded another way, to make it available offline).You'll also see a new icon next to downloaded songs on the My Music and Playlists tabs. A small iPhone icon with a checkmark on it indicates the song has been downloaded and is available locally.

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