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Do you often spend countless hours creating your courses, only to go back and make edits later? Less is more. Sometimes you may need to forgo the bells and whistles, they can take up a lot of unnecessary time. Sarah Bright is the communications director, content editor, and social media voice for DigitalChalk. Movements are nothing new. Some movements have been evolutionary, while others have been revolutionary. There a group of scholars around the country, without defending slavery, are committed to a reexamination of what’s best and valuable in the Southern Tradition. Thanks for sharing the link – I plan on spending time doing some reading there over the weekend. As I read this my mind immediately jumped to folks I know and other public examples of failed leadership. I agree with your thoughts about the carrying forward the best of what was and leaving the broken behind. There is a good reason Kotter has been a disruptive force for change for more than 3 decades – he gets it.
Your comment smacked of being much more of a political statement than a comment about a movement of leadership. I too sense some common ground and will accept that we likely agree on more than we disagree.
Hello Friend Today IPB Completed it’s First Month, And Had Achieved Many Thing in This One Month. I’d Suggest All if You Are Having Some Problems In Choosing Templates, Try To Use That Comment Box Below. Our in-game purchasing API has only been out for a few weeks and we’ve already seen builders use it to sell items in creative and effective ways. To add items, simply acquire the asset IDs, which can be done by copying the last eight numbers of the URL of the item you’d like to include. For each item you’d like to add to your store, copy and paste the asset ID number and they will appear in your store, in-game!
Once you are satisfied with the amount of items on sale in your store, save all changes in Studio, and open your game.
User FighterAce is no stranger to selling items in game, so we thought we’d ask him to give his professional advice for first-time builders who plan on selling items in their games. In kestrel, people can just click a brick and then it asks if they want to buy the clothing or not. I am using windows Vista and I had to create a folder called Store creator and put the file in that folder to make it work.
Click the zipped folder , copy the StoreCreator file IN IT and cut it then go back , delete the ZIPed copy , and paste the new one. How do you change ShirtGraphics(In the Storeframe in the Gui) to a different name, say, VIPs?
I’m going to make a store for my town game, anyone want to try it when I’m done? When your Done doing that,Watch Video on the HIGH LIGHTED BLUE in Comments.See the First Video,Click it and Watch It.Then your Done! Why don’t you Make an in-Game Store Tutorial Video It Would Help Alot For All of this! Reading, responding, assessing and monitoring our students’ progress on their blog requires pedagogical commitment.
The blogging rubric, developed by Kim Cofino, mentioned in Part IIB-Student Writing becomes an invaluable tool to recognize quality, assess your students and plan to support each one at their own level.
Part of blogging is commenting, which deserves its own rubric to address individual components that contribute to the overall quality of a comment. See a commenting rubric below that you can use to help you recognize and support quality commenting. Andrew Chuches uses Bloom’s Taxonomy very successfully to assess the quality of student blogs. I believe that seeing and learning to recognize quality samples of student work in various areas of the rubrics (writing, voice, presentation, citation, community, commenting) is beneficial to educators, new to blogging with their students.
Let’s take a look at several examples that demonstrate different levels of quality blogging. After giving students feedback on their first comments, they went back to re-submit their comments. Do these comments contribute to the topic of the original blog post (Even without having seen the original blog post…) ? Silvia, you’ve hit the nail on the head…quality reciprocation is the key to building an audience! I teach third grade and when my students earn their own blogs, they are excited to get that first red ClustrMap dot and a comment or two. Before too long, I will hear a student complain, “No one is commenting on my blog.” My response to them is, “Hmm…well…whose blog have you been commenting on? Please don’t just notice the length of the comment compared to the others, but take a look at writing, voice, content and presentation. We need to be reading AND consciously reflecting on the quality of a blog post or comment to become good at recognizing and guiding our students to quality work in blogging. Spelling, grammar and punctuation would be something to work on for this student (proof reading and editing). Educational Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops, Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring in the area of Modern Learning & Literacies, Globally Connected Learning, Blogging as Pedagogy, Digital Portfolios, iPads in the Classroom.

It is best to have something already laid out so that you can walk through those steps easily and quickly, without compromising quality. Having a place on your computer that houses all of your files can take away the hassle of going through the time consuming process of searching for the files.
Using templates that you already have let you focus on what’s most important, the learning content.
She has found her niche in writing about the eLearning industry and sharing tips and tricks for building successful online courses. Some have been misguided or misunderstood and have been short-lived, while others have taken deep root and changed the world for better. Leadership is not about the power and the accolades bestowed upon the leader, it’s about the betterment of those whom the leader serves. I believe your call to fix ourselves first is what Steve’s petition is encouraging as well. Many of their essays really zero in on unchallenged assumptions many have come to hold on leadership and authority. The quote you shared is one of my favorites, and I’m glad to see Lord Acton getting the credit as many give improper attribution to William Pitt.
It’s so easy to point out poor examples of leadership that we often overlook our own flawed examples. However I can make the following observations: You are either overvaluing your contributions, or your boss is undervaluing them.
I have a feeling the American colonists must have struggled with what they wanted to do, also.
While I do agree that the American middle class is engaged in a life or death struggle, it’s intellectually dishonest to villainize conservatives behind the veil of a liberal partisan agenda. Some are curious, some are there out of legitimate frustrations, some are there to further misguided causes, some are there just because they want to be a part of something. Although this movement is being led by the Church, it is non-denominational, there is no political agenda, and they are helping young men to break the cycle of adversity and become better leaders. Leadership is, by definition I think, a political thing where a leader helps enact a decision involving and affecting people. There Are Many Things That You Must Do After Creating Blog but I’ll Explain You Some of Them. It’s not exactly beginner territory, though, so we decided to come up with a way to make in-game stores easier to implement.
Always be interacting with your consumers, whether that’s holding polls to see what items are doing favorably, or simply popping into your place or game and saying hello.
It is a commitment to student learning and quality work, not a commitment to using a specific technology platform. Reading other blogs (many different ones) gives us an opportunity to see, become aware, evaluate and recognize all different levels of quality in blogs. I especially liked his Blog Journalling Rubric (pdf)  where he adds fantastic examples, demonstrating different levels of quality.
All the blogging relationships I’ve built with teachers, classrooms, and students have come from reciprocal commenting. A comment that shows you’ve read the post and are interested in what’s happening in the classroom is much more valuable than “Our class loves your blog, please visit ours!” Of course, composing thoughtful comments takes time, but the payoff is tremendous! Where did you leave your last comment?” They look a little sheepish as the light bulb goes on.
Why take the time to create a new structure when you already have one that has been successful? This is where you would put the content that you use most often when creating your courses, including audio files, video files, images and material that you use for reference. These can be templates that you have created or if you are using an eLearning authoring tool you can use templates that they offer. We are in a crisis of leadership, and our world is suffering greatly at the hands of people who confuse their desire for an ego boost, their quest for power, and their thirst for greed with leadership. A movement requires a vision that’s inclusive, collaborative, and has an orientation toward service.
I respect Steve as a leader, and this petition resonated with me at a philosophical level – I signed it. I love the cable TV analogy and hope we’ll have something good to watch in our future. I’ve identified areas at home, at work and in my community where I can improve as a leader. As you so correctly pointed out, this requires looking both into the past and into the future.
It could also be that your contributions are deemed valuable, but are just being expressed inappropriately.
I really don’t have any issue with the protest, but I do take exception to those who would use this as a ruse for blame shifting, or to create more unwanted chaos. He has personally, politically, and most of all, financially benefited at the expense of the truth.
To that effect, we’ve created a ROBLOX Studio plugin that you can download, drop into Studio and use to build out a GUI-based store interface.
Upon clicking that icon, your store will open and users can browse your items and make purchases.
From dress shirts, to polos, to dresses, to full-blown suits, you can browse and purchase every item from clothing group Kestrel’s varied catalog of clothing. Another rubric I consulted and remixed from was University of Wisconsin, as well as Steve Peha’s list of six traits of quality writing from Teaching That Makes Sense.

Students needed to elaborate further in their comments to show understanding as well as connections.
They surely were left to make conversation, let the blog author know that their posts are being read, acknowledged and appreciated. Students regularly comment to each other, and two families from Kathleen’s Australian class visited our class when they vacationed in Los Angeles!
I have found that if I over-schedule my class, we are not able to participate fully and that doesn’t help anyone. I am not sure if the link included in the post was supposed to cite the author’s source of information or be the image credit. What I love about her writing, is that I can HEAR her voice so clearly (although I have never met her personally). At its core, leadership is about improving the status quo, and inspiring the creation of positive change. As long as positional and philosophical arguments are more important than forward progress, as long as being right is esteemed above being vulnerable and open to new thought, as long as ego is elevated above empathy and compassion, as long as rhetoric holds more value than performance, and as long as we tolerate these things as acceptable behavior we will all suffer at the hands of poor leadership. Let us learn from and pull the best parts of what was and transform the ways we lead and connect with people that are suitable for the 21st century and beyond. In either case, communication needs to be improved so you both receive the benefit of one another’s contributions. While that statement is usually a political platitude, it has become a life and death consideration for the US middle class. There are both conservative and liberal media outlets that display a bias, but on whole, the mainstream media has a overwhelming liberal bias.
This is a big country with big problems.I was responding in part to your first paragraph which seems to address a populist mandate as due in the US.
If we can find our way forward to a place where leaders once again see themselves as servants we have a chance. Winter is over and Summer is here, so we change the clothes we have available to reflect the season.
Here is the  link to Kim’s original rubric, so you can make edits to fit your own needs. Yollis’ class from California discussed and shared their ideas and thoughts about quality commenting.
I’d try to make a connection or add relevant information to a post, and I’d always end with a question. If you want people visiting and connecting with you, you have to get out there and model what you want! Budgeting your time and choosing projects that fit your schedule makes blogging and global projects more meaningful and enjoyable. Once I followed the link, I discovered that the site (and therefore I have to assume the image as well)  is under copyright. In the above post, she takes her readers along a car ride as she observes the autumn trees changing colors. My suggestion would be to surface the issue with humility by stating your desire to be a more valuable contributor, and by asking how your boss would like to see your thoughts and ideas communicated. This has been the case for the better part of recent American history and simply cannot be credibly disputed. We must refuse to tolerate, and in fact, displace those in leadership positions who are there for little more than self-serving purposes. Right now, my inbox is flooded with customers who want shorts and summer-type apparel, so we’re putting together a new collection. A link to Wikipedia, for example, explaining the condition, would have been inviting to learn more.
She takes images of the trees she sees and inserts them into her blog post in order support her writing.
Knowing Steve, I’m sure he has plans to turn platitudes into action, to rally those who want to make a difference into actually making a difference. It isn’t all that easy for those who want change to bring that message to our fellow citizens. I think most of us long for the days of journalistic integrity from both conservatives and liberals. Poor leadership gives us wars with no plans to fund them for the first time in our history. It will indeed take a national movement, but all national movements begin with individuals at the local level. A visual in the public domain (free to use), grabbed from Wikipedia would have also been a nice addition. Al Gore believes (still, I think) that the internet can be a profoundly democratizing thing. Miriam closes her blog post with question directed at the reader, inviting them to continue a conversation or information exchange. And I believe that, too, as long as everyone is exposed to where the honest information can be found. The most visible third party effort ever, the Tea Party, is a blatant tool of the Koch brothers and their corporate ilk.

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