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I remember seeing a geisha on the discovery channel with cherry blossom tattoos on her back in a watercolor style. Hawaii Kawaii by Hawaii Kawaii is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
As far as the meaning of the cupcake tattoos is concerned, there is no such deep and symbolic meaning. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Twilight Tattoos, Trey Songz Tattoos, Black Rose Tattoos and Short Quotes For Tattoos. The pair of cupcakes carved along with stars symbolizes the love life of the wearer and the couple’s love for cupcakes.
Heart sprinkles along with a skull having a bow over its head imparts a full on girlish look to this cupcake tattoo, carved on foot. Rocking cupcake, etched on the upper back, that displays a colorful and vibrant look, with bones in backdrop. Adorable and alluring; this cupcake with heart shape sprinkles, creating a smiley, looks damn sweet. This cupcake tattoo has come out quite well and reflects a gorgeous colorful display that would make anyone’s mouth water at the sight.
The girl shows off her cute small cupcake tattoo, carved on the foot, along with a small red heart topping that is a symbol of love for the yummy delicacy. Lovely cupcake with a cherry on top that looks very realistic and has got a sweet, girlish touch to it. Those who have a sweet tooth and want to express their love for the same would find the cupcake a cool tattoo idea.
Foot displaying a cupcake along with colorful stars makes for an attractive tattoo piece that would surely make the cake lovers go gaga after it.
Simple cupcake tattoo, etched on the thigh of the girl, that has a dear meaning to her and she also likes to eat the sweet snack. Having an inclination for cupcakes is very natural and this tattoo on the side of the stomach, symbolizes the same.
This cupcake has a display that resembles the face of a cartoon character and looks super sweet, sitting on the inside of the forearm. Black hearts on the pink cupcake created inside a blue cup looks sweet and has a lovely touch to it. Pink cake with colorful tiny sprinkles looks cool and has got a lovely placement on the outer arm, above the elbow.

The big cupcake with a heart-shaped topping over it, looks fetching, sitting on top of the arm of the girl. Large cupcake with a skull and stars around it looks very charming and symbolizes the dreamy nature of the wearer who loves to eat cupcakes.
Cupcake tattoo looks lovely on the foot of the girl with its pretty and sweet touch; so symbolic of feminine nature.
Etched above the elbow, this tattoo has got a very pleasant touch and looks very pretty with a heart above it and stars around. This girl found out a sweet way to show her love to her husband; she got a cupcake with his name carved on its end. This cupcake tattoo pleases the eyes and also creates excitement in the taste buds that start craving for something as sweet as cupcake.
Cute and delightful, this cupcake with a bow, looks very charming, sitting on the wrist of the girl.
Stars dancing around the cupcake give an expression to the sweet dreams of the girl who are very much similar to the sweetness of the cupcakes. Cupcake with candies and bow, brings out a lovely and sweet looking tattoo piece on the foot.
This wearer is a health conscious person and therefore, has got a cupcake tattoo with gluten-free tag below. Carved on the inner forearms of the girl, these twin cupcakes look very lovely and symbolize the girl and her lover. The halo around the cupcake, looks very glorious and stands for the attachment and regard the girl gives to her bakery profession. The stars and cherry, make the cupcake acquire a super sweet look that is symbolic of the love, sweetness and dreams. The girl bakes fine cupcakes and this tattoo is a symbol of the same art, that looks quite charming, engraved on the shoulder.
Sweet and charming to the core, this cupcake with small green heart shapes looks very pleasant. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Tattoos have become one of the most popular forms of self expression for many individuals and even for certain groups. They are known for their colorful, vibrant appearance as well as the diverse styles in which they can be worn.

I have not found any tattoo artist in my town that is does the style of tattoo I want, I only see sailor style old school tattooers and I want a cartoonish and cute tattoo. Ever since I saw that, it made me want, not cherry blossoms, but a tattoo that looks like a watercolor painting. The delightful experience, when the cream melts in the mouth, sends an ecstatic feeling running all over our mind, making us forget everything. Scene tattoos are characterized by a series of symbols that have a special meaning for those who belong to this group, being colorful and vibrant, drawing attention instantly.
Although cupcake tattoos do not carry any significant meaning of their own, certain ideas have been associated with them over the many years they have been in vogue.
If anyone knows of one I would love some tips… if anyone live in the area that is (Sweden, Vastra Gotaland). Since, the cupcake is sweet and pretty, it symbolizes the feminine charm in a perfect manner and therefore, the tattoo is a favorite of the girls.
If expressing your personality trough scene tattoo symbols sounds appealing to you, check out a few ideas for inspiration. Young and old, all love it and want to indulge their taste buds in the mouth-watering experience of the cupcakes. Some want it because they love cupcakes or just want to express their cool baking skills that produce equally cool cupcakes.
A woman may choose to incorporate some additional elements to a cupcake tattoo that reflect her overall personality, such as bats, bones, skulls and stars.
Well, there are also people that includes a large number of girls, who not only eat the cupcakes but also love to get cupcake tattoos on their body. Along with the usual image of whipped cream, a cupcake may also feature images of other edibles such as candies, chocolates, lollipops and peppermints. One may add other symbols to a cupcake tattoo to make it more personalized, like a tiara, necklace or some other jewelry. A single cupcake or an assortment of multiple cupcakes can be chosen for the tattoo design.

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