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RALEIGHA a€” The state House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation Thursday requiring North Carolina elementary school students to learn cursive handwriting and to memorize multiplication tables.
The a€?Back to Basicsa€? bill would once again make cursive handwriting a part of the curriculum for the statea€™s public elementary schools. With legislators fearing that cursive handwriting is becoming a lost skill and that students are relying too much on calculators, the bill drew no opposition. Putting aside my bedazzlement at the ability of North Carolina legislators to break new ground in the field of completely wasting time, Ia€™d have to say my experience leads me to a mixed view of this whole thing. While you are here we would appreciate it if you learned a little about what we do for the community.

First of all, why is cursive given less of a priority in classrooms?  Teachers are crunched for time as they prepare for standardized tests and given the choice, many choose typing and printing over the time-consuming task of teaching cursive.  Time that used to be spent forming the loops and curves of cursive handwriting is now spent in computer labs, learning the layout of the keyboard and how to type quickly in this internet-driven information age. Most states have agreed to national curriculum standards that do not include cursive, and instead focus on typing, says Christina Hoag of the Associated Press.  California is one of the few states to include a cursive requirement.
My 11 year old started middle school last week and he was asked to cosign a permission slip with me for PE (Yes, they still have that too).
The State Board of Education would be expected to make sure that public schools provide instruction so that students create readable documents in cursive by the end of fifth grade and have memorized multiplication tables. The normally combative arguments on the House floor were replaced with laughter Thursday about whether anyone would voteA no.

If approved, it would go into effect for the 2013a€“14 school year with state education officials saying it could be accommodated into the curriculum. We hope that you enjoy our thousands of free educational materials for kindergarten through high school. The only Ca€™s I ever got in grammar school were in what was then called a€?penmanship,a€? and, in frustration, my father once made me stay in on the first really nice Saturday of spring and copy out by hand an entire chapter ofA Wuthering Heights.

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