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A custom piece I did gor a client, the standard Guns n Roses cross with Slash’s Snakepit album cover snake draped around it. By Stephen, on March 23rd, 2011Here’s an article about a woman who finds effeminate pink handguns disgusting. Dee Edwards, co-founder of the UK charity Mothers Against Murder and Aggression (which would seem to do some good work other than just being anti-gun, judging from their website), said: “I am utterly disgusted by this.

For you men out there in relationships … I’d point out that it was fiancee Robert Planthaber who bought Ms.
Here’s another about a woman who used an effeminate pink handgun to defend her life and her fiance’s life against an ex-con. If so I hope he didn’t buy it from a dealer, as that would be a definite straw purchase since she’s not his wife.

No doubt the Brady Campaign and company will be looking to file charges against him, even as they work to pass more laws to find creative ways to file charges against the rest of us.

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