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I’ve always loved quotes, and so when I was trying to come up with an Integrity project I was very drawn to the suggestion listed that suggests making a daily quote book about Integrity. Q: I feel like this project would really strengthen and build ones testimony, how and in what area has it done so for you? I feel like maybe I should’ve adapted it into a Divine Nature project, because what I think I learned more than anything else from this is that I am a daughter of a King and Queen who love me infinitely. Like the first quote, I love how this is really saying that Heavenly Father loves you despite your faults, and to embrace who you are. Q: Do you sometimes feel prompted to share a particular quote, or have any stories where this or something similar has happened? I do for some of them, but so many other people are more skilled than I am, and I feel their hard work should be shared. Here are a few Memorial Gift Ideas featuring a butterfly now offered by Handmade By Remember Me on Etsy. This Memorial Necklace also features a butterfly and comes with a very affordable price of $13.00.

Realizing this is such a difficult time for many of you, we would like to share a few of our favorite Daily Inspirational Quotes for the Christmas season.  May you find comfort and peace this Holiday Season!
There are times when our friends and family just need a little hope and inspiration during life’s challenges. Perhaps you would like to send an affordable Inspirational Necklace for someone who has strong faith and is waiting on God’s direction and will for their life.
Recently I stumbled upon an amazing, and uber inspiring facebook page entitled, Daily Quotes for LDS Young Women (Click here.)The page was created by an LDS now Mia Maid, as part of her Integrity 10 hr project, and I got to interview her! This was just before Conference, so when I sat down to watch Conference I kept an ear out for any quotes that could work for my project. There was a whole lot that went into it, I’m sure, but what was the part you enjoyed, or was the most meaningful to you? Getting messages from young women all around the world about how a quote inspired them, or how I brought a little bit of sunshine to their rainy day makes it all worth it. After just the first session, I was already overwhelmed by all the different quotes I’d found, and all the different topics they covered.

I’ve faltered in other areas of my testimony before, but that is something I have never doubted, and I think one reason is because of how that part of my testimony grew so much during this project. Just that tiny taste of the gospel daily is enough to inspire me, and when I’m choosing quotes, I feel the Spirit testifying to me of the truth. I earned my Medallion this past Spring for Personal Progress, and will be finished with my Honor Bee in a few weeks. So it was then when I decided to expand the project to encompass all eight Young Women’s values. I started sharing these quotes because I really felt inspired to do that and very slowly I started getting likes.
It was sort of discouraging at first, but soon more people came, and eventually it grew into all that it is today.

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