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If hunting runs in your blood and you enjoy the chase you can celebrate your passion with a piece of body art.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Tongue Tattoos, Hope Tattoos, Bear Claw Tattoos and Filipino Tattoos. You can see the gorgeous brown shades of the deer making for a real life look in this colorful hunting tattoo design. A hunter dog is sniffing his way across the ground as the duck prize waits at the end of the hunt in this tattoo design. Look at the leaping deer making up the front of this design in which the back has three frames of the mountain game country. This colorful woman’s back tattoo shows a hound on the ground with two ducks flying off in both directions on top, crisscrossed by two guns.
Inked in strong flowy lines with a solid filled in look this is a gorgeous hunting tattoo showing the head of an elk. Take a look at the richly detailed shapes of the elk and the moose in a mountain background inked along the upper back in this hunting tattoo design. The arrow pierces right through the eye of the deer skull in this artistically done narrow lined hunting tattoo on the forearm.
This powerful hunter’s shoulder is covered with a hunting scene showing a roaring bear, a deer, an elk, and other game animals. Here is a look at a hunting tattoo showing the deep and intimate connection between the hunter dog and his prey. The delicate shades of this hunting tattoo on the upper arm highlight the graceful head of a deer.
You can see the strong bold lines of the antlers in this tattoo featuring the skull of a deer in black ink. The delicate gray strokes add to the realistic look of the skull touched with red and orange for a colorful effect.
The head of a moose is inked with bold strokes with a background of rich fire in this stunning forearm hunting tattoo design.
The light brown shades of the antlers, eye-opening, and mouth contrast with the black outlines in this deer skull tattoo. Styled in a simple design much like tribal art this hunting tattoo shows two small figures hunting leaping deer with spears.
This detailed tattoo on the side of the body has been inked with a pencil stroke effect to show the figure of an old style full costumed hunter. Check out the three brown deer skull heads that come together at a single point in this upper arm hunting tattoo.

The powerfully built muscles ripple as the hunter gets ready to let loose his bow in this woman’s leg hunting tattoo. Get a look at the simple stick figure like hunter aiming his spear in this tribal inspiration hunting tattoo design. The long and graceful head of a game animal is touched up with realistic shades in this artistic hunting tattoo. The sharp strong strokes show the powerful effect of a hunt in this tattoo featuring the skull of a deer in brown and black shades. This stunning hunting tattoo keeps the look simple with a single antler inked on either arm in a long and vertical design.
The graceful flowy lines give a smooth look to the male deer head skull in this back tattoo design.
An arrow sits across from one antler to another in this hunting tattoo design showing the skull of a deer. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. I have been looking for sites that offer the letters of the alphabet drawn as deer antlers. Deer tattoos are loved by people for many of their symbolic meanings carried by the soft and humble animal.
The deer is also linked to the art and poetry in ancient Celtic cultures due to its tender beauty and graceful lifestyle.
Aside from its association in ancient culture and traditions, deer are also closely related to religious values and ideals. Deer may be gentle creatures in nature but one cannot deny the rich and meaningful character it conveys.
Hunting Tattoos inked on any part of your body can show your deep love for your favorite sport.Be it a fine elk, or a deer, or even a duck there are different kinds of designs that can made into tattoos. Dear tattoos may not present the sense of strength or protection like other animal tattoos, elephant tattoos, lion tattoos or tiger tattoos, but invoke the deep inner personality of gentleness, kindness. People could always find wisdom and inspirations from the ability to live a graceful life through difficulties. Deer tattoo could be rendered as innocent single deer portrait or loving couple, realistic style or artistic water color style.
No matter which deer tattoo you pick, you can always take confidence in the fact that it will be seen as gentle blend of nature’s wild side with innocence and beautiful feel that will express deep emotions. Everyone is familiar with Walt Disney’s animated film” Bambi” and just like what the character portrays, it reflects the gracefulness and child like attitude of one of the most magical creature in the forest.
In Celtic myth, deer are known to be one of the oldest animals and considered to be “faerie cattle” or supernatural creatures that lead fairies and humans to the forests to the magical world.

Buddhists love to tell the story of their master’s first teaching and his presence attracted wild animals especially the deer.
Tattoos represents our own perceptions and character and being having deer tattoos may mean more than just magic and gracefulness but a more profound personality deep within. You can get your favorite game animal inked on your forearm or your back, and display it when you are out in the woods.
Deer are one of the most dainty, agile, and graceful animals in the world, and can carry a very feminine and sexy appeal.
A tattoo doesnt have to have a meaning, however if it does it makes your tattoo extra special to you. I am by no means talented enough to design a tattoo using her name formed by a compilations of deer antlers. Deer sleeve tattoos, deer chest tattoos, deer thigh tattoos, etc., are all popular choices to get deer tattoos. The deer is a symbol of both purity and power and has a place in history, mythology and in some cases religion.
The exceptional attitude of the deer conveys peace and harmony and affirms the conviction as “one who will not fight unless provoked”.
In the Bible, the deer represents man and our gentleness and carefree nature is guided by God to withstand any troubles and temptations of life. Both men and women go on hunting adventures and bring down deer, birds, and other game animals. An image of a slain deer with herbs in its mouth represents unrequited love or a love that is lost.
You can also get the figure of an old style hunter inked on your back in a delicate artistic design. Another unique deer tattoos shows a deer trampling snakes which symbolizes spirituality overcoming temptation. A design that shows the ultimate end of a hunt, skull tattoos can also make for great body art for hunters.
Have the skull of the animal you specialize in hunting in a tattoo design on a part of your body. Keep your love of hunting glowing forever with a permanent piece of art right on your skin.

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