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I did run through a lot of variations on the book list for 19th-Century Fiction from Dickens to Hardy, though.
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When all group memebers are done with their work, trade papers with another group member to have them read and edit your work. Your group members should grade each person based upon the 6 writing traits and upon the writing rubric. Using your computer, type up a list of props needed, costumes needed, and what the set will look like.
When all groups have completed each of the tasks, we will perform the skits as a group for the whole class.
The series seems to have gone over unusually well this year: people who hardly talked at all up till now have been pitching in, and the overall energy has seemed good.

This means based upon everyone in your group's writing, your group will create a skit 7-10 minute skit on everyone's scenes. But sometimes I think I just can’t go through Jane Eyre’s stages of development one more time!
Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. I wasn’t waffling much over the next iteration of Mystery and Detective Fiction, which will be pretty much the same book list as this year. During the conversation they said they were looking for something with a strong female lead – she immediately said she was working on a new series with a female superintendent with a big chip on her shoulder. That said, Unless poses its own challenges, not least because of its somewhat fragmented and episodic form. Though there is no requirement that the presentations incorporate a game (just that they include some form of class activity), I think every group has made one up! The only change I’m making is swapping out An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and putting back a short story anthology.

For next fall I decided on the theme of vocation, or (as these are two persistent concepts of vocation in the 19thC novel) on love and work. That lets me ease up the pace intermittently, and it also simplifies the logistics of assigning the stories I always use (some Poe, some Sherlock Holmes, etc.). I had three sure things (Middlemarch, Great Expectations, Jude the Obscure) so my dithering was all about which other books to include. We have one more session to come, for exam review and closing perorations, and then a couple of weeks until the final, so I’ll have plenty of time to comment on and return the essays. This is a not-unfamiliar phenomenon for me as a parent as well – say something temperately and you are likely to end up repeating it, but jump up and down about it and somehow it sticks.

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