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Newswise — There’s more to the eye makeup that gave Queen Nefertiti and other ancient Egyptian royals those stupendous gazes and legendary beauty than meets the eye. Queen Nefertiti and other ancient Egyptian women may have worn heavy makeup to protect against eye infections that were a constant threat in the time of the pharaohs. A visiting scholar suggests that Nefertiti (photo 1) wasn’t quite who people imagine she was, and eventually was revered as something of a sex goddess. But Jacquelyn Williamson, visiting lecturer on women’s studies and Near Eastern studies and women’s studies in religion program research associate at Harvard Divinity School (HDS), suggests that Nefertiti wasn’t quite who people imagine she was, and eventually was revered as something of a sex goddess. Amenhotep IV became king when Egypt was wealthy and its empire was strong, covering territory from as far north as Syria to as far south as Sudan. Aten, Williamson explained, was once represented as a man with the head of a hawk and a sun for a crown.
Williamson presented her findings at the HDS lecture “A Sex Goddess and a Queen: The Discovery and Analysis of the Lost Temple of Nefertiti,” on Wednesday to an audience of about 40 that included local Egyptologists. Nefertiti’s “capacity as a creator goddess” was employed to “safeguard, and perhaps even bring about, the rebirth of the sun every day,” Williamson said.
She believes that the sunshade temple at Kom el-Nana, excavated in the 1980s and ’90s, is Nefertiti’s. Instead of being a powerful near-equal to Akhenaten, “she is almost less than half the height of the king,” Williamson said. After Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s reign ended, the single-god religion was abandoned, as was the city they’d built. The famed Glass Flowers gallery will reopen May 21 after the most extensive renovation in its history. Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute have developed a laser-assisted direct ink writing method that prints microscopic metallic, free-standing 3-D structures in one step.
Harvard’s Commencement on May 26 will be twice as meaningful for Jane Brown when she shares the milestone with her son Harry Stone.

Using pre-clinical models for multiple sclerosis and samples from MS patients, a Harvard-affiliated team found evidence that changes in diet and gut flora may influence astrocytes in the brain, and, consequently, neurodegeneration, pointing to potential therapeutic targets. With more than 25 languages offered each semester, the African Language Program at Harvard is the world’s foremost.
French Egyptologist Alain Zivie, a visiting scholar at the Semitic Museum, told a Harvard audience of his discovery of the tomb of Thutmose, who he believes is the artist who created the iconic bust of Queen Nefertiti. French Egyptologist Marc Gabolde offered a different interpretation of the DNA evidence on King Tut’s lineage in a talk at Harvard’s Science Center. About the SiteThe Art Minute is for busy people who are interested in learning something about art in less than a minute, a couple of days a week.
About the AuthorSally Whitman Coleman has been teaching art history for more than 18 years at the University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University and Southwestern University. Scientists in France are reporting that the alluring eye makeup also may have been used to help prevent or treat eye disease by doubling as an infection-fighter. Her bust, on display at the Neues Museum in Berlin, is one of the most reproduced works of ancient Egypt. He worshipped the sun god Re, whose visible manifestation in the daytime sky was known as the Aten. Traditionally, the goddess Isis embraced these tombs, but she was replaced at this time by Nefertiti. Through her research, Williamson has identified thousands of sandstone fragments engraved with hieroglyphics and other markings.
Organizing these fragments into coherent scenes and formulating and understanding the decoration was a challenge,” she admits. She is a specialist in Renaissance art and was the recipient of a Fulbright grant to conduct research in Belgium. If there is a work of art that you want me to include in The Art Minute, you can ask me here and I’ll try to write about it soon.

Photo by Magnus Manske, Creative Commons Attributions License, via Wikimedia [Public Domain]. She earned her doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin and her undergraduate degree at Skidmore College. Above all the hat is well successfula€¦ The famous bust from the Egyptian museum in Berlin does not only shine by its seeming and clarity, but captivates also by their exciting history. 15, 2010) issue of the American Chemical Society (ACS) semi-monthly journal, Analytical Chemistry. Her diminutive size … seems to emphasize not her importance in her own temple, but rather, her subordination to Akhenaten. Thus she was spent after her excavation in the year 1912 under dubious circumstances to Berlin.
Nefertiti’s status, as conveyed by her iconography, may have been emphasized or de-emphasized according to Akhenaten’s cultic or political needs.
Nefertiti was the wife of the revolutionary Pharaoh Echnaton, who unhinge the entire old-egyptian state and religion nature.
Some Egyptians believed that this makeup also had a “magical” role in which the ancient gods Horus and Ra would protect wearers against several illnesses. Until now, however, modern scientists largely dismissed that possibility, knowing that lead-based substances can be quite toxic.

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