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Everyone has a story to tell, and most people offer hints of their personal history in the way they dress, their home decor, the car they drive or the way they carry themselves. The tattoo artist got a red Pegasus on her upper arm from her mentor when she was an apprentice. Adelina’s career as a tattoo artist has taken her all over the world, but she always represents Dallas with that striking tattoo.
She was 19 and had just dropped out of art school in Canada after realizing her Arts Magnet education had taught her well enough. She practiced on friends and family until Deep Ellum-based artist Jacob Lopez gave her an apprenticeship based on her painting portfolio. She flew to Malaysia and then India where she worked as a guest artist at what she says is the country’s best tattoo shop, Devilz Tattoo, in Dehli. Even though she didn’t seek out a spiritual experience in India, Adelina says, she found one anyway. Tattooing a way to be well paid as an artist and collaborate on artwork that is intensely personal to the artist and client, she says. She credits Arts Magnet for a stellar arts education, and she continues to work closely with the school.
Upon returning to the states, Adelina figured she would move somewhere else — New York, Los Angeles, who knows? The hairstylist waited until her late 20s, after her career had been established, before she started getting highly visible tattoos. She has tattoos for the people who inspire her, like her grandmother, Peg Bundy and Dolly Parton.
She has a couple of “dumb” tattoos from her younger days, and one is the result of letting an aspiring tattoo artist practice on her.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks tattoos are beautiful, and rude strangers have let Dootson know what they think. Barnard and his partner, Marie Sena, opened their tiny shop at the rear of Jefferson Tower in June. When the fashion designer had a storefront in Bishop Arts, she noticed her friend who worked at Hunky’s, Samuel Stuard, had the Texas Theatre marquee on one arm. So she and her Texas Theatre buddy, Lindsay Naccarato, decided to get Texas Theatre tattoos too. Naccarato, an emergency room nurse, was 20 when she got her first tattoo, but she’s acquired most of her ink in the past five years or so.
McCullough says she got a couple of regrettable tattoos when she was 18, and then she started getting nice, expensive tattoos around age 35. Click to sign up for the Advocate's weekly news digest and be the first to know what’s happening in Oak Cliff. For tattoo enthusiasts, it’s all in the ink: The portrait of a favorite pet, the rose for a beloved grandmother, the names of one’s children.
She wanted it to show her hometown pride, and she later learned the profundity of Dallas’ red-neon Pegasus. She flew over and got a job at the Australia minimum wage of about $18 an hour, selling orthopedic shoes to old ladies, she says. But it opened the door to a lifelong commitment to tattoos and now, at 34, Dootson’s skin is covered in art. But she has worked in Oak Cliff for seven years, and she bought a house here two years ago. Artist Caleb Barnard at Electric Eye had a friend draw the stencil in Venice Beach-style lettering, and he tattooed it.

Usually, she finds a painting she loves and brings a photo of it to her artist for him to interpret. Stuard has the sign and the marquee announcing “Debbie Does Dallas.” And McCullough has an older version of the sign in black-and-white. Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal Cream Gel Shadow's ink technology creates 24HR wear for intense, long-lasting color saturation. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. And a tattooing pal from the Delhi shop is expected to fly over later this year as a guest artist in her studio.
The couple lives in East Dallas, but they both worked at Saints and Sinners in the Bishop Arts District for several years. But Adelina, now 27, says she’d like to buy a house someday in Beckley Club Estates, where her mom lives. She collects tattoos from artists she admires — Jeff Brown, Will Card and Sal Trevino among them. Begin applying at the middle of the lash line and blend color outward so color is concentrated in the center.3. Use a lighter shade on your lid and a darker shade on the crease and blend outward for a dramatic effect.4.

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