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This will make the perfect present to celebrate a special occasion and the recipient will undoubtedly cherish it forever. The hand-selected strips of leather are wrapped around the sterling silver ring to resemble a rose or a coil, and the hand engraved +BERYLL logo is etched inside of the ring. Infinity can be defined in a variety of terms, including eternal, limitlessness, boundlessness, and endless time. We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics.
I've never actually used that word before to describe a piece of jewelry, but it's fitting here. My wife Lucille and I celebrated our 30 year anniversary a month ago, and for that occasion ( along with lots of great gifts) and bought her this gorgeous eternity bracelet. Tennis bracelets are definitely, in my opinion, the most magnificent bracelets money can buy. With all the charlatans online you never know who's selling the real thing and who's selling the real thing and who's stealing the big money. I've always been really into jewelry, but this eternity bracelet I've ordered online has turned out to be my best purchase yet. I always prefer jewelry which is a little flashier, but I don't like my jewelry to be too gaudy, and it seems as though most of the flashier pieces for sale are gaudy, chunky or simply awkward looking.I really wanted to get jewelry which was eye catching yet which still had a little finesse to it.
I got my mother this wonderful tennis bracelet for Mother's Day and she hasn't taken it off since. My late grandmother, god bless her, used to wear an eternity bracelet on special occasions. Buying jewelry online is never easy, but after doing a lot pf price comparison I decided to go for this bracelet. I've seen a lot of jewelry in my life, and the quality and intricacy of this tennis bracelet, for the price they offered if for, is among the top in value I've purchased. Immediately when I put picures of me with my new bracelet on facebook, the comments just came rolling in.

The personalisation done by hand by our dedicated team will add a sentimental touch so make sure to pick something personal to be engraved on this Eternity circle charm. The contrast of the leather and silver make this a piece that is not only beautiful, but a conversation starter at that. Now you can show your belief in this magnificent concept with the Silver Eternity Bracelet. Just imagining the people putting the intricate little pieces together, each of which is worth so much, the little tools they use, one diamond after another in its little notch. Just be REALLY careful not to lose them, and make sure it's clipped on tight so a pickpocket can't just shake your hand and swipe it from you without you even noticing.
I expected to buy a simple bracelet but I ended up with a beautiful diamond piece which I am afraid to wear.
After my bracelet was delivered I took it immediately to a jewelry friend I know and he confirmed the value and craftsmanship. Found the site, clicked around, found the tennis bracelet I wanted, called them up, they answered my questions, deliberated for a day or two, worked up the nerve, bought it, 3 days later it was here, opened it up, saw it, now it's under my wife's pillow. I've wanted such a bracelet ever since I started playing tennis competitively (after all, Serena Williams wore one at the US Open) and now I've got a particularly beautiful one. They beat brick and mortar pricing by at least 15% and the quality easily matches, if not exceeds what you'll find in high end jewelry districts in manhattan. I loved it so much that I simply had to buy TWO: one for my 17 year old daughter and one for myself!
I knew she always liked jewelry, but I would never have imagined the look on her face when she saw it. A beautiful silver eternity bracelet makes for a terrific gift to a family member, friend, or significant other – someone who you want to show infinite love and friendship toward.
All I can say is that this bracelet is almost intimidating, almost like i'm not even worthy of wearing it. That happened to a friend of mine last year, but thank god it was only a sterling silver bracelet.

After the initial rush of shopping, there are plenty of pieces of jewelry you just leave in your jewelry box, but let me tell you this eternity bracelet is not one of those pieces. Had a little trouble with the credit card but customer service took care of that in a matter of minutes. I've got to give some of the credit to the customer service team though, for helping me make the right decision. My daughter was thrilled to receive such a beautiful piece, and I'm really happy to share this with her.
I've been secretly saving up for 2 years to buy it and it was worth the wait and effort, especially to make her look so happy. You have to build up your self image to wear this kind of jewelry, otherwise it just doesn't feel right.
They've got serious people over there, though VOIP you never know where you're calling anymore. I don't know why they call it "eternity bracelet", but I'm sure that her appreciation for this gift will be eternal.
Payment will need to be made by the recipient and we cannot be held responsible for any charge once the package has been shipped from our London studio. Zoara's looked the most similar, and the price was more than fair for a diamond laced bracelet.
It's quite comfortable, rather light weight which is nice since it doesn't weigh my arm down. Though the jewelry was a little fancier than I usually wear, the bracelet still looked very elegant and tasteful.

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