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Yin and yang originated in ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics; the words describe the two primal opposing, yet complementary, forces found in all things. Yin qualities are usually: darker, colder, wetter, rougher, softer, cozier, cushier, quieter, more contracted, smaller, more inward, more receptive, more feminine, floral, rounder or more curved.
Yang qualities are typically: lighter, hotter, dryer, smoother, harder, sharper, straighter, more angular, louder, larger, more outward, more masculine, striped or plaid as well as more expansive, more outward moving and more masculine. I teach a couple of college courses, which have been my delight and pleasure over the past couple of years: Men and Masculinity and Queer Theory. The problem with these categories is that it limits the full expression of the divine from being expressed holistically within an individual's life. We often do this psychologically by finding partners that embody the masculine or feminine energy that we need to balance.
Everything in the universe functions on balance and harmony, the fluid duality of opposites balancing each other – up and down, black and white, hot and cold, earth and sky. The Taoist philosophy of opposites, Yin and Yang, is the basis of Chinese medicine, and the reason for many of our modern ailments.
For women, Yin is their natural way of being; however, in Western society, business is conducted in a Yang fashion. The Holistic Institute of Health and Fertility is Ann’s vision for providing a model of collaborative alternative healthcare to Calgarians. In 2003, Ann received her degree from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Over the years Ann has lend her time to volunteer activities including AIDS Calgary and the Calgary Women’s Center where she has sat on their governance board and taught workshops introducing the concept of TCM.
TweetOriginating in Asian cultures, the yin yang symbol as well as the yin yang tattoo is said to represent stability and balance in life. Because the meaning of this symbol is so versatile, it is a very popular option for tattoos. This yin yang tattoo is used as the background for a green character, giving the impression that the person is one with nature. This tattoo incorporates the yin yang symbol into a base cleft, combining the idea of duality with a love of music.
In this tattoo, the yin yang symbol serves as the center of balance for all of the elements.
Instead of the traditional black and white yin yang, this tattoo incorporates different colors to bring these creatures to life.
A tiger and a dragon perch on either side of this yin yang tattoo, making for a beautiful and intricate work of art. By replacing a dot with a maple leaf, this yin yang tattoo becomes a symbol of Canadian pride. By adding a small swirl to each half of the symbol, this tattoo puts a slight spin on a traditional symbol. In this unique tattoo, a dragon appears to crawl out of the yin yang to prepare for battle with its opposing force. Paw prints can be seen in both halves of this symbol, perhaps indicating a love for animals.

It is helpful because it often sheds light on why particular rooms or spaces are not used, or don’t feel quite right. They are in a constant state of change, transforming into one another, like the night that turns into day.
Of course they are there; every adjective would fit somewhere on a spectrum of what is yin or yang. If you can’t figure out what to do in a room that just doesn’t feel right, try first to come up with adjectives to describe it. Without getting all academic, I'll say they both challenge students (and myself) to rethink what it means to be masculine, feminine, gay, straight, bi, lesbian, male, female and transgendered.
If you notice, those things that are profane we often associate with women, whereas (most) of those things associated with the divine are associated more typically with maleness. Bear in mind that when I use the term masculine and feminine I'm not strictly speaking about sex (or what parts you have). Kudos are given to business people who are seen as aggressive, arrogance is seen as a trait of a successful entrepreneur, working hard and long hours are hallmark to success.
Exhausted from her poor sleep, gaining weight and suffering from a very short fuse, Jane was a typical entrepreneur. During that time, Ann found her clinical focus shifting to a specialization in fertility and prenatal health. Anton Jarasurya at the South Colombo Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka where, daily, she treated hundreds of locals with Acupuncture and TCM. What many don’t consider is that legends of fairies go back hundreds of years, if not longer.
You want the entirety of your home to thrive with good energy, and if there’s something not-quite-right about a room, there’s a potential for you to end up with something not-quite-right in your life. But that doesn’t mean that because you happen to be a male or female that your space needs to TOTALLY reflect just that. Then try to replace, remove, change or exchange something that would make your description more towards the opposing yin or yang side. A woman can embody extremely masculine energy while a male can embody extremely feminine energy. When we are out of alignment with our natural way of being, our health is negatively impacted. Trying to balance motherhood, a husband who worked overseas and a startup company, Jane was the epitome of the Yang being in excess and her feminine yin being too tired to function properly.
The general idea is enforced in the Taoist concept that there can be no light without darkness, and no happiness without sadness.
These small, human-like creatures are often said to symbolize a love and respect for nature. Looking at your environment with your “yin and yang eyes” can oftentimes unlock clues as to what changes could bring balance.
You could change the two colors of black and white to any two colors you are passionate about- red and blue or green and pink. In the Western world divinity has been segregated to primarily masculine characteristics (we can thank Aristotle for some of this).

They were outcasts and untouchables but although they were untouchables they were revered as holy and a blessing or even a glance from them was considered most auspicious by many.
Make the Yin Yang tattoo your own- have fun- and remember that the tattoo is for you and it should represent you.
Aristotle's basic shtick went like this: that which is lofty, removed, of the mind, static, light, transparent, disembodied, unemotional, rational and moves beyond sensual pleasure is divine, sacred and of God, these are the essence of "being" in his estimation.
The Mahoobi and the intersex disciplines in his group was essentially bullied by two affluent families in Lucknow, India, who resented the band of charlatans masquerading as "spiritually advanced souls" taking up residence in their town.
The great thing about black and white is that they are opposites and really show the representation that you are trying to display.
Two boys (one from each family) were sent to disprove the power of the Perfect Master and one dressed normally as a boy and the other dressed up as a girl. Not because you won't be highly successful and probably admired for your masculine virility, but because you will not have access to the full range of your human expression and eventually experience problems in one way or another.Conversely some people are meant to hold the ideal masculine or feminine archetypes. Aristotle, for all his well meaning philosophy, didn't know he was setting the stage for the rationalization for the suppression of the feminine in the Western world. They went to receive the Master's blessing to have a child, believing that his inability to bless the two boys with a child would disprove the Master's divine power. By this I mean that one of their energetic roles is to embody the masculine or feminine as an example of what that energy feels and looks like. The master blessed the couple and sure enough, slowly but surely one of the boys (the one dressed as a woman) began to shift into a woman, and eventually gave birth to a son. We typically find these exemplars attractive (Chris Hemsworth, Marilyn Monroe, Athletes, Female fashion models, etc). Of course after that they did not doubt the power of the Mahoobi and embraced Him as a true spiritual Master.Whether you take the above story metaphorically or literally its metaphor is noteworthy.
The problem is when we place intrinsic value on those ideals.Some are meant to be more androgynous and embody the characteristics of both energies and example of what that energy looks and feels like when melded.
And while it can be entertaining, on a deeper level they make an important contribution in reminding us that the task for many of us is to balance these energies.On a practical level being aware of, or balancing these energies, serves to allow us to communicate better because we will have unlocked both polarities and melded them into our communicative repertoire. And begin to heal parts of yourself that got lost in your quest to uphold a cultural standard is masculine, feminine, gay, straight, lesbian, male or female.
Until finally the masculine and feminine energies begin to balance out.Sexuality plays an interesting role here because while we could state that gay or bisexual men tend to hold more feminine energy and lesbian or bisexual women have more masculine energy as a general rule (and is moderately correct) this is not always the case. While sexuality may play a role in how much ready access you have to the opposite energy polarity this is not by any means a hard and fast rule. Very rarely is anyone 100% masculine or feminine or gay or straight, despite claims otherwise. We all hold a particular percentage of these energies unique to our particular incarnation, so you could be 63 % feminine and 37% masculine, or vice versa.Even biological sex can be quite ambiguous up to the birth stage. Medical doctors make determinations on sex assignments due to ambiguous genitalia (of which the parents are often unaware) much more frequently than many realize.Once we begin to balance our masculine and feminine energies the rigid gender confines society places on us become less important to adhere to.

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