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Four leaf clovers are said to be originated with Ireland’s famous legendary supernatural beings, the leprechauns.
Today, four leaf clover tattoos are still very popular especially among the people of Ireland.
Other four leaf clover tattoos designs comes in green and plain colors integrated in Ireland’s flags, Celtic crosses or ribbons to emphasize its bond with the Ireland’s unique custom and historical folklore.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Nurse Tattoos, Dream Tattoos, Great Tattoo Ideas and Nice Tattoos. This bold and elaborate Shamrock tattoo on your arms will ensure that you are never troubled by bad times. Do this simple tattoo on your hand and let your hard work and patience be rewarded with ample good fortune.
This elegant tattoo done in green ensures that good fortune will always smile upon you and your loved ones . The four leaf clover tattoo in this picture celebrates the bold Irish spirit with quiet elegance. In this picture, the tiny four leaf clover tattoo rests inside the mighty cross symbolizing the deep religious beliefs of the wearer. With hands joined in prayer below a couple of four leaf clovers, this elaborate tattoo symbolizes humility and gratitude.
This four leaf clover on a stem, done elegantly on your leg is symbolic of your sheer optimism towards life. Sport this clover tattoo done in tribal style on your inner elbow and discover your inner strength. Perhaps there is nothing more uplifting, than a cluster of these four clovers etched elegantly on your arm. This four leaf clover tattoo on the model’s neck looks delicate with its quiet splendor.

Celebrate your friendship with your friend today, by getting these similar looking four leaf clover tattoos.
Go all innovative by making the stem of this four leaf clover look like a familiar greeting. This simple tattoo on the wrist is symbolic of contentment and happiness that comes with good fortune.
The pretty tattoo resting on this leg will make the journey of this wearer more interesting. The details of this little tattoo, etched brilliantly , perfectly depict the fine spirit of Ireland. Let your steps reflect your inner joy as you go about bustling with this lovely tattoo on your feet. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Over the years, the four leaf clover still remains to be a symbol of fortune and good luck for many people who still believe in supernatural aspects of life and fate.
Finding a four leaf clover is extremely rare and is believed to be an omen of good luck and fortune for someone who finally found one.
It is considered to be one of the most common symbols of Ireland and known for its great impact on the country’s culture and tradition.
It is believed that these hills are inhabited by small, solitary creatures known as the Leprechaun. Lady luck smiles on just a chosen few and for them success comes naturally whether it is family, career or love. When you get this tattoo done on your wrist, feet, neck or for that matter on any part of the body, you not only invoke luck, but make it an integral part of your endeavors. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

Many individuals spend hours of searching for four leaf clovers yet remains to be disappointed because of its extreme rarity.
Leprechauns are believed to be evil spirits with abundant fortune and wealth that when one captures this being entitles him to three wishes in exchange for the leprechaun’s freedom.
The fourth leaf is said to have been caused by a genetic mutation and the most intriguing of all is the size of fourth leaf which is generally smaller than the other three. This makes the Four Leaf Clover Tattoos an extraordinary kind of plant that brings out man’s positive stance on what life should be.
Patrick’s Day is a widely renowned tradition among Irish people and four leaf clovers will never be left out when it comes to celebrating this event.
That is why four leaf clover tattoos come integrated with leprechauns because their rarity brings an unimaginable good fortune that many people desires. The simple but elegant four leaf clover tattoo from Ireland is all about luck and good fortune.
In reality, these four leaf clovers are elusive, rare and the chances of finding them are one in ten thousand. Of course, they are simple and elegant, but more than that they are believed to fill your life with positive vibes every moment. The Shamrock leaf demonstrated the Holy Trinity and that God is divided into three divine spirits which is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This makes the Four Leaf Clover Tattoos similarly related to the spiritual values of many Irish people over the years.

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