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You can also use them in any graphics design software, like Sothink's SWF Easy, SWF Quicker and other applications (See more information HERE and HERE) .
Purchase this graphics collection today at a very low bargain price before this offer ends! The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to rdsjmrdsjm For This Useful Post: icyguy, lotusdragon, Matthew P. Actually this MegaPack is a collection of graphics files in SWF and Animated GIF format with full transparency. The Logo Creator is one of the software products that can work with the transparent SWF files in particular if you like making logos and banners and there is the MAC version.

As an artist I can perhaps appreciate the time and skill and crucially the maintaining of beauty in the necessary cartooning the subjects to make it viable 'pixel' size. I will keep this window open and reply on this thread in general as more for artists in this pack. Sorry my PM took so long it kept counting any font edits as character counts, so I had to re-edit it many times over to fit the required 500 or under. They are not software, but can be used easily in any software that can accept Animated GIFs and SWF file formats.
At the moment, The Logo Creator does not import Animated GIFs, however, it imports only the SWF files.

Also, Sothink's SWF Easy and SWF Quicker are two other software products I can recommend to read the SWF and Animated GIF files, although I am not sure if their software products work on MAC computers, as far as I am aware.

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