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This candy Photoshop action is a new version of an older action of mine; I have updated the candy action by adding a stripe pattern that you have to install in Photoshop before playing the action.
However, if you want to use Photoshop actions it is best if you learn how to create them first. In my last post about Photoshop action, I listed down some free Photoshop actions for portraits that you can use for editing photographs, such as sepia and black and white effect, soft skin effect, and so on. So here are more than 50 very useful Photoshop text actions that you can use to simplify tasks in Photoshop. To download the Photoshop text actions that you want, simply click on the direct link to the original source provided below each preview image. Make your text look like it was just carved out of the woods with this Photoshop text action! It seems rather difficult to describe in words exactly the appearance of this free Photoshop action. This looks exactly like what it sounds like — an endless star field encapsuled by a glossy blue border. Be transported back in time to the age when the upper class ladies adorned themselves with long, flowing dresses covered in sequins. This Photoshop text action gives your text a bright, smooth red center encased in a textured green border.
Here is a Photoshop text action that mimics an acrylic paint squirted right from the tubes. This Photoshop text action uses Gaussian Blur and Levels to smooth and round out the letters and droplets, Curves to created the shinny look, Plastic Wrap for a few added specular highlights and Pinch to warp the background under the letters.  The letter object is then blended to the background using the Hard Light mode. This Photoshop text action set contains 3 free Photoshop text actions that simulate realistically the popular look of an embossing plastic tape.
Here is something for your sweet tooth.  You can use your Hue Slider to crank out just about any flavor you want. Here is a pack of Photoshop text actions that transforms your text (and other layers) into 3D incandescent objects.

This set of Photoshop text actions contains 3 free Photoshop text actions that simulate realistically the popular look of an embossing plastic tape. All the resources are not allowed for commercial use, otherwise you will be responsible for liability!
If resources have violated your copyright, please through feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you or your companys rights! And since we also find ourselves needing to put effects in texts, I think it will be worthwhile to also look at free Photoshop text actions. To use these files, just go to the actions palette (if it is not opened yet, go to “Windows” and make sure that “actions” is checked or just press the shortcut “Alt+F9”) then click “load actions” or “replace actions”. The first 13 Photoshop text actions are free to download while the last 7 entries may be bought for a few dollars. As you can tell, it forms a dark brown textured border around the text, with the inside being a lighter, streaky yellow. This action works with Photoshop Version 5.5 and higher and made use of the Lithograph Bold font. The first creates the generic superhero text, the second gives a thinner 3-D effect, and the third takes the 3-D text into the distance. You can use these free Photoshop actions in your projects, whether they are for personal or commercial use.
By the way, if you are not interested in using Photoshop text actions and would rather create the text effects from scratch, I also have a post about Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials. A “load” dialog box will pop up and then select these files (the saved actions) from your disk. The first one, “Bark”, creates the wood border and barky interior while the second action “Foliage” adds the leafy appearance on top. At the end, the file is left unflattened and all the layers are put into a set for easy manipulation and movement. The action is left in layers for optimum customization, and also organized in a layer set for easy movement and incorporation into your project.

They aren’t that difficult to create, because they just re-create the steps that you took to achieve a specific effect.
It is nevertheless a healthy approach to try out something cool and even better every time. If you do not know what is a Photoshop action, it is actually a series of tasks that you play back on a single file or a batch of files. The load actions command will load the new actions while the replace actions command will replace the default actions or the current actions in the actions panel. These actions may be useful for header, logo, highlighted text, banners, ads, web site, etc. Today, I’ve put together a free before you of 15 free Photoshop actions for text effects.
If you want to share these actions with your readers or colleagues, please just share the link to this post. However, you must stop the text effect as directed (at the prompt which asks whether or not to continue and merge layers) in order to run the Modifier actions.
Now wedding photographs that have no extra sugar coating can be made superfluous and desirable like a couple of a fairy tale or a couple captured right from a dreamland where everything is ‘picture perfect’. All the layers are intact so you can make all sort of adjustments like color, shadow and so on. You can create a Photoshop action that changes the size of an image, applies a filter to the image for a particular effect, and then saves the file in the desired format.
Photos can be made crisp, sharp, classy, and vivacious — what a brain can possibly think of.

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