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So here you can find some examples for your individual style- Flowery Pirate Tattoo, The Love Pirate Tattoo, Tattooed Remembrance, Funky Skull, Tribal Skull Tattoo, Deadly Skull, Blaze of Glory Tattoo, Grateful Dead Skull Tattoo, Morbid Skull Tattoo, The Reaper Skull Tattoo, Fearless Skull Tattoo, Bloody Joker Tattoo, Native American Chief Skull Tattoo, Black Rose, Black Beauty Skull Tattoo, Live Free or Die Skull Tattoo, Gangster Skull Tattoo, Bite the Dragon Skull Tattoo, Funeral Rose Skull Tattoo, Deadly Love Skull Tattoo, Your Skull on Acid Tattoo, Dead Rocker Skull Tattoo, Smashing Skull Tattoo, Tattered Pirate Flag Tattoo, Easy Rider Skull Tattoo, Badass Skull Tattoo. Your dreams come alive on your skin and your brave tattoo is without any words, it can be visually described.
The skull tattoo comes with a basic approbation that its meaning could be equivalent and can have a mean something good or bad. As an adversary of Batman, he is a psychopathic supervillain who is known for his ruthlessness and a sadistic sense of humor.

Some people can think that a skull tattoo could sound a bit morbid and it can be cool for others.
If you live life by your own rules you can choose a skull tattoo and add more pluck to your strong individual one. The Joker is also said to be one of the best comic book villains of all time by several sources. Joker tattoos are very much the rage nowadays, especially after the character has been immortalized by Heath Ledger in the movie “The Dark Knight”.

Joker tattoos can be done in a number of ways, thereby allowing one to experiment with the design greatly.
Some of the well known ones include the Joker holding the Joker card; Joker presenting dices or the Joker portrayed as a skull or demon.

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