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Funny Football Clipart: Lucy holds the football then moves it just before Charlie Brown can kick it, poor Charlie Brown Falls down again. Click the right mouse button on the image, select Set as Desktop Wallpaper or Set as Background. College recruitment of student-athletes started in the 1880s as college football began its transition from an extracurricular activity to a highly commercialized sport. Prior to the turn of the century, compensation for collegiate athletes usually took the form of employment, free lodging (often at the home of a coach or supporter), meals, gifts and other special favors. Primarily funded by a school's alumni and fraternities, incentives were offered to entice players to choose a particular school and to perform at the highest level possible.
The popularity of college football grew quickly and a new industry - college stadium construction - was born.
With so many colleges looking to expand their appeal to potential students and donors, competition for gifted athletes increased, resulting in greater financial rewards being offered to student-athletes in an effort to win their favor.

Although throughout the history of collegiate sports there have numerous calls for a return to purely amateur sports, they have largely been unsuccessful.
Other athletic associations were established and they, along with the NCAA, began to regulate national college athletic standards.
Today, more than $1.2 billion is awarded in athletic scholarships yearly in American colleges and universities to both men and women.
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Many institutions around the country built gigantic structures to house the fast-growing sport.
In 1952 the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) legalized the use of athletic scholarships for the purpose of attracting qualified student-athletes.

These associations and school administrators have instituted rules and regulations to help protect the student-athlete from exploitation, as well as to clearly define how much compensation can be given and in what manner.
For many student-athletes, sports are their entry into college and the only way they can afford an education. No it is not weather balloons, experimental aircraft or even real alien spaceships; it's the end of summer, the kids have gone back to school and football season has started! These stadia, in turn, created pressure for colleges to attract large crowds to justify their enormous cost. Choose any button below to get some football team logos, clipart, and a 2012 season schedule wallpaper so you can be part of this amazing phenomena!

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