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This classic Americana logo uniquely integrates American colors, iconography and typography into a seal. Jen Chapman is a freelance graphic designer, web designer, packaging and branding designer based in Phoenix Arizona. You can check out a recent print ad I did for FreeMyGrapes—a volunteer based, non-profit established by Canadian wine lovers.
If you’re charging a flat rate for the design, you may want to include any modified designs for other platforms at an hourly rate.
This old logo was not communicating the fresh inventory and modern business approach of the business. When artfully conceived and properly executed, they capture your unique story as words alone can’t; making a powerful statement that you really mean business.
Maybe they want to feature the ad on their blog, website, or modify the art work for other print pieces, reports etc.

I like to start by having an initial conversation about the primary communication medium, target audience and key messages, and then work through additional options from there. A modern approach links the initials beautifully while also giving an update to the typography. I also think an infographic-esce style can be a good design alternative if you can’t find appropriate stock photography. I think we created something that’s quite versatile here and something that can be used in other communications moving forward. I realise it then looks a little naked, but just used the guidelines I had in place as positional to place your own logo, and then adapt those guides as needed.It's more about just being able to provide you with something to get you a head start in you own project. Your goal as a freelance designer is always to fill a communication need and maximize the value of your work for your client.
It’s important to ask these questions because your medium and associated target audience will impact your design strategy.

This should all still provide you with a sound base to adapt your own logo sheet and guide from. In this case, an infographic representation of my client’s key messages has additional value because various elements of the ad can be published and modified for other informational communication purposes. If you're interested in working together, bouncing ideas or just simply want to say hello I'd love to hear from you.

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