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Frog tattoos are some of the most interesting form of animal tattoos that one can ever get.
The frog tattoos presented in this site are quite diverse in their style, which gives one enough choices to experiment with his or her looks. Our collection of 15 frog tattoo designs will get you hopping with desire for some new ink. Like any other animal motif, frog tattoos can carry a wide array of meanings and can be worn by both men and women. Whether the frog tattoo is on a man or on themselves they just think the little critter is so damn cute.

The Celts considered the frog to be the king of the earth and believed that it held magical healing powers.
The Haidas believed that frogs represented balance between two opposite forces, such as the yin and the yang. The Chinese associated frogs with yin energy and believed that they can bring fertility, happiness and good luck within the family. According to Christian faith, frogs also symbolized resurrection, rebirth and regeneration.
Other meanings associated with these tattoos include good dreams, protection, success and purity.

Although many of these tattoos include only the frog portrayed in realistic or cartoonish ways, other elements such as water, fairies, butterflies, flowers, plants and dragonflies can be added to the overall design of the tattoos as well.

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