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Allow us this brief breaking of the fourth wall, but Scream-Trilogy has passed the one year mark! So the intel on the new masks was that they were first created by Fun World as 2010 Halloween releases, but there was also a discussion and level of interest with the movie’s powers-that-be. I prefer to zombie more-so than the scarecrow, but to see either in the film would’ve been kind of out of place. I was also present for the stabathon but filmed a scene that only two of us were picked for. Second, I have to say that I was disappointed not to see the Zombie and Scarecrow Ghost Face masks in SCREAM 4.
Torbert was a key middleman figure between Scream 4 and the fanbase, tweeting filming details and holding contests.

Seeing as we only really saw little bits of all the Stab movies I would have merely assumed the mask changed throughout Stab but always stayed based on original! I was an extra on set during the “stab-a-thon and I seen the entire set and these masks that this article talks about were NEVER present! I mean its shot in a barn with fields around it, it HAD TO BE IN, even if it’s just one shot of a scarecrow near the barn with the scarecrow mask on it!
Wonky as that idea was, I still like the idea of Ghostface mask variants, psychos wanting to be individual Ghostfaces, Creepy. I believe the real villain here was the almighty dollar…not the infamous robed one!!! Fun World is, of course, the owner and controlling company of the Ghost Face mask design, so have a pretty strong connection with The Weinstein Co because that now-iconographic mask is, in a way, more valuable to the Scream franchise then any flesh & blood cast member!

I mean Scream is a classic, as is Dawson’s Creek, and also Vampire Diaries is a phenomenom. That article is what made readers sit up and take notice, and realize we weren’t just the usual news recycling fansite.
Even though we were cautious from the start that nothing might come of them, we made it a point to follow the mystery of the new masks in those early months when no real information about the film was available. This would lead us down a path that included receiving the #1 movie-run production Zombie Mask itself!

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