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You can use frames that are the same size, or be eclectic and use a variety of sizes and shapes. I like the crispness of a black and white gallery wall, or the prettiness of various colored frames!
There is no rule about how many items to use in a gallery wall (although I check with Sarah from Sarah Bohl Designs while on Twitter and she said 7 would be a good minimum number for a gallery wall).
You can use big and little items together, let them be hung all crooked or make them level and straight! I’ve shared quite a few inspiration pictures, but really, there are infinite ideas for gallery walls! One of my recent favorite gallery walls was from Young House Love, I shared it on Facebook awhile back. Wow very inspirational, I would love to create a gallery wall in my kitchen one day when there is time on my hands, soon hopefully! Wow this is perfect timing, I just posted that I’m going to do a gallery wall in the kitchen. This impressive gallery wall is beautiful, and keeps from being too over the top by the consistent neon theme that runs through each of the pieces. Paintings with similar images and themes are perfect for creating a cool gallery collection.
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I’m sure there are a lot of amazing gallery walls out there but I wanted to feature some that may not all over blogland and some that had the look we are hoping to recreate.
In the past two days I’ve probably purchased up to 20 frames from thrift stores and the goodwill. This is my attempt on Photoshop to create a gallery wall using the first featured photo above.
I actually just posted about my own gallery wall in my dining room – stop by and have a look!

Gallery Walls are a fancy way to describe a collage or collection of art and or photos used to decorate your walls. I loved that it was fresh and pretty, and instead of framed photos there were framed objects.
They offer a tutorial for How to Create Your Own Gallery Wall which is really helpful, or you can forgo all the tutorials and instructions and just start hanging! I was so inspired by YHL and Sawdust & Paper Scraps to do a gallery wall in my stairwell.
Having three (soon to be four) kids, I haven’t been able to figure out how to group the frames, but maybe I just need to add several more items – to reach seven! I bought a stack of frames months ago and have been waiting to move into our new house we are renovating.
A combination of photographs, letters and paintings keeps this wall fresh and fun, and the bright colors keep it from feeling stuffy. Even they are all separate and different, each piece blends together to create a unified look. Keep it from becoming overwhelming by ensuring nearly every piece has something in common- in this case it's the white space.
Not only does hanging mirrors create a statement, it will to make your space appear larger.
We believe that a gallery is the best choice and we’ve always wanted one in the apartment and this wall appears to be the best location for one.
I’ve been lucky enough to find an array of frames in various sizes ¬†and nothing too fancy. The width of that arrangement measures to about 8 feet, which is why I purchased 8 frames today to make up for the leftover 4 feet. Of course I should have created this before I bought 20 frames but we all have to live on the edge sometimes.
That is probably what I love most about them, they give you a chance for your PERSONALITY to shine through!
Well one week from today we are going to show off our gallery walls in a Gallery Wall Linky Party!

I’ve been working on one in my living area for the past month or so, and will be sure to link up! I am looking forward to placing them into a more organized fashion on the walls in our new house. Once the walls have been painted )and the dust from the renovating settles!!), I will be creating a gallery wall. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges, gallery walls are a beautiful way to add tons of personality into your home. This is probably the photo that we’ll take the most inspiration from since we also want our frames to be gold.
I’m hoping to keep the budget for this gallery wall under $75-100 with the purchase of frames and art. So I’ve given him 3 options, 2 are gallery walls, and the third is lining the tops of our bookcases (4 in a solid row) with frames. I can’t decide if I want to keep them black or mix it up with multiple colors or paint them white. For the past few days we’ve been working on a gallery wall for a super long wall in our living room.
We want all our frames to be gold as I mentioned before and that’s where Rub n Buff in Gold Leaf comes in. Let’s face it 12 feet is a lot of wall space, thankfully the mantle takes up majority of the vertical space. You can use all frames, you can mix in objects, use mirrors or any combination that tickles your fancy.

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