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Henning Mankell, "Faceless Killers," 1997: The first Kurt Wallander mystery remains a classic, biting dose of icy noir. Arnaldur Indridason, "Jar City," 2006: Iceland provides an exotic backdrop to this creepy tale about how the murder of an old man in Reykjavik relates to a series of rapes decades earlier.
Hakan Nesser, "Borkmann's Point," 2006: The second book in Nesser's Inspector Van Veeteren series, set in the remote town of Kaalbringen, finds the Maigret-like, relatively well-adjusted detective investigating a series of ax murders. Camilla Lackberg, "The Ice Princess," 2010: The most female-centric of recent Northern noir. Peter Hoeg, "Smilla's Sense of Snow," 1995: This mid-'90s best seller successfully merges literary fiction, thriller, travelogue and a bit of romance.
Rooney Mara will star alongside Daniel Craig in the eagerly-awaited film adaption of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The relatively unknown actress was cast in the role of binge-drinking bisexual Lisbeth Salander, the lead female character in the best selling mystery novel series by Stieg Larsson, Sony Pictures announced Monday. The Big Apple native got her start in acting with guest roles on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and ER.
97% OF OUR READERS ALSO READ THIS ARTICLE: Promises Treatment Center Free Rehab For CelebritiesThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opens in theaters Dec, 21, 2011. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Here are 10 top examples of Scandinavian noir, from current hits to classics, from bleak and bloody to a little bit hopeful, from countries throughout the region. The first book in Larsson's Millennium series -- a moody, bloody tour through the dark side of Sweden, from the mean streets of Stockholm to a wintry island -- is the best. An elderly couple is brutally murdered on a remote Swedish farm, and the woman's last word is "foreign." Grumpy, hard-living -- and hard-drinking -- Inspector Wallander investigates and cogitates as the case and town threaten to blow up when anti-immigrant feelings erupt.
When a 9-year-old girl goes missing in a small Norwegian town, the main suspect is a mute, childlike adult. As his investigation leads to the "Jar City" of the title -- a forensic lab storing body parts -- Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson also has to deal with his drug-addicted, pregnant daughter.

Lighter than most of the genre -- there's even a romance subplot -- it's nevertheless compelling. When a young Eskimo-Greenlander neighbor is thrown from the roof of their Copenhagen apartment building, spunky Smilla Qaavigaaq Jaspersen, half-Eskimo and half-Danish, uses her singular expertise in the properties of ice and snow to investigate. Rookie cop Linda investigates the torture of farm animals in the Ystad area and looks for a woman who may not be really missing. A bevy of Hollywood starlets were pining for the role in the first film in a trilogy based on the popular series. In October, she’ll appear in The Social Network, a film about the founding of the popular social networking website Facebook. The film will be followed by the second installment in the Swedish trilogy, The Girl Who Played With Fire, which will arrive July 9. He hires Mikael Blomkvist, a crusading journalist recently trapped by a libel conviction, to investigate. When, as usual, the flower was delivered, he took off the wrapping paper and then picked up the telephone to call Detective Superintendent Morell who, when he retired, had moved to Lake Siljan in Dalarna.
It introduces now-iconic punkette hacker Lisbeth Salander, who joins crusading journalist Mikel Blomkvist on the trail of a girl missing for decades. But it's best to start with the first translated book featuring Oslo's hard-boiled (but softhearted) Inspector Harry Hole, a usually-on-the-wagon alcoholic with a penchant for postpunk rock and philosophical ruminations. Following the sudden death of her parents, writer Erica Falck returns to her small coastal Swedish hometown of Fjallbacka. The trail eventually leads to some scary religious fundamentalists, with stops along the way by the fanatic killer in Cleveland and Middleburg Heights, of all places. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC.
Harry Potter’s Emma Watson even chopped over her lengthy locks for a shot at the role. They were not only the same age, they had been born on the same day–which was something of an irony under the circumstances.

Proclaimed by many as one of the best mysteries of all time, this police procedural penned by married couple Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo set the bar high for their countrymen. When Norwegian traitors who fought with the Nazis on the Eastern Front begin to be murdered, the crimes seem to connect with current neo-Nazi groups.
When her best friend from childhood is found dead of an apparent suicide, things don't add up. Melancholic detective Martin Beck -- shrewder than he looks or acts -- investigates when all of the passengers on a bus are gunned down in this fourth Beck book, which was made into a 1973 movie starring Walter Matthau. Though less gory than Stieg Larsson's novels, Smilla's tale has echoes of Larsson's conspiratorial twists. Sjowall and Wahloo's bleak series was one of the first to delve into the shadows of a changing Swedish society.
Unlike many series, it's best to read Nesbo's books in order, as major plot lines carry on from book to book. He knew he was no longer expected to come up with a pithy comment or any sharp question which would shed a new light on the case. Those days had long since passed, and the exchange between the two men seemed like a ritual attaching to a mystery which no-one else in the whole world had the least interest in unravelling.The Latin name was Leptospermum (Myrtaceae) rubinette.
It was a plant about ten centimetres high with small, heather-like foliage and a white flower with five petals about two centimetres across.The plant was native to the Australian bush and uplands, where it was to be found among tussocks of grass.
Someone at the botanical gardens in Uppsala would later confirm that it was a plant seldom cultivated in Sweden.
The botanist wrote in her report that it was related to the tea tree and that it was sometimes confused with its more common cousin Leptospermum scoparium, which grew in abundance in New Zealand.

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