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I was very excited about recieving this item for my brothers birthday, as he is the BIGGEST spaghetti western fan. Overall happy with what ive got, have to say, if the item was here (UK) i would have sent it back.
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The insurance claim process takes 15 days from the time you report the missing items to us. The Navy Good Conduct Medal was established on April 26, 1869, by Secretary of the Navy A.E. The current design of the Navy Good Conduct Medal has been awarded for qualifying service from 1961 to the present.
The Navy Good Conduct Medal is awarded on a selective basis to recognize four years of continuous active duty, above average conduct and proficiency by enlisted service members in the regular Navy or U.S.
Subsequent awards of the Navy Good Conduct Medal are denoted by stars three-sixteenths of an inch in diameter.
The design of the current Navy Good Conduct Medal is based on the design of the transitional Good Conduct Medal which was designed by Commodore Winfield Scott Schley. Obverse: In the center of a bronze medallion one and a quarter inches in diameter, a sailing ship in full rigging is shown sailing to the right.

The ship is the Constitution, one of six frigates authorized by Act of Congress on March 27, 1794. MATTHEW BINNOCK WAS ON THE USS SACRAMENTO WHEN IT SAILED TO JAPAN AS PART OF THE GREAT WHITE FLEET IN 1908.
It’s so many positive reviews is the reason why we decide to write down a short review about the product.
Upon recieving the item after all the shipping and tracking, i was initially happy with the product. If we create a link to a product in a review, sometimes we may get paid a commission if a visitor to our site purchases the product.
If your package gets lost, we will file a claim with the carrier and if the package does not turn up, we will quickly replace it for you at no additional cost. Schley's design was based on the Navy logo then in use on certain documents, which itself bore a striking resemblance to the reverse design of Great Britain's Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.
The word FIDELITY appears on the inside contour on the left; the word OBEDIENCE on the right, and ZEAL at the base. This article will cover about what the product feature, and where you can get it with great price offer. The item itself is well made, with quality (in parts), and is very weighty which i was surprised about.

If you decide to not take insurance on your package, Good Devil will not be responsible for merchandise that gets lost or damaged in transit.
The transitional design of the Navy Good Conduct Medal followed from the original establishment of the Good Conduct Medal by the Secretary of the Navy in 1884, and the current Navy Good Conduct Medal evolved from that transitional design. These words are taken from the original Good Conduct Medal and represent the virtues recognized by the medal.
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The scene is superimposed over an anchor, with its stock appearing above and its flukes below.
7553 MEDAL RIBBON IN SUPER CONDITION.AMERICAN DEFENSE MEDAL WITH FLEET BAR AND WITH RING SUSPENSION. Some might think oh hes being very petty, but if you paid good money, had it shipped, as a present for a film buff, its annoying.
Most of them love what this product features, so it’s should on your top list when you looking for a Pistols.

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