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EDITORIAL Spread 1 VIEW VIEW was Louis the XV who reigned from the years debt was not felt as much in the aristocratic court of the skirt creating a very wide silhouette. Collateral pieces created were a poster, re theattickets and program for the Hollywood Premier. Although most popularized by the fashion’s tulmutuous historical ages has evolved in many moments His attention was also France was going through infamous Queen Marie ways and often times in a state of economic incredibly focused on horrible economic issues, Antoinette. It was during during that evolutionary depression that slump is the reign of King Louis on the things the regular adventure it has repeated directly seen in the bland XVI, the grandson of population can and can not and simple clothing thatThese pieces were created utilizing InDesign and itself as most things in history do. These ideas of history King Louis XV, that Marie Antoinette was saying that history repeats of the government and brought to France.

KingPhotoshop for the April Edition of Vogue Maga- itself which is relevant to fashion, but in reality it upper class (Tortura 4). Another political theme affecting fashion and evolving it into what Louis XVI was a, “well meaning and pious king people see today bringzine. Yoshizawa’s work appeared ?rst in Japan with the publication of his series of astrological ?gures in the picture magazine dotted line.
His work then appeared in the West remarkably soon afterwards, with the exhibition of the work of Yoshizawa at the Stadtlich Museum in Amsterdam in November 1955. It was Yoshizawa who created the idea of CREATIVE paperfolding (Sasaku Origami) and he invented a whole range of new designs which owed nothing to the origami of the past. In particular, he explored the potentialities of the Bird Base and rediscovered the “Sideways Turn” previously used in Japan only in the traditional Crow.

Still, however, Yoshizawa had to create his four-legged animals using two squares of paper. It was not until the development of “Blintzed” Bases in the mid 1950s by other folders and particularly by the American, George Rhoades, that it became possible to fold animals with 4. Before that only very primitive animals with four legs were possible, inwards towards the Squeeze the paper at including the famous traditional pig. Yoshizawa himself related how he had folded many three-legged quadrupeds, but he had center crease.

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