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The Greeks have contributed so much to civilization that even up to this day, their contributions are still being applied, and their presence is felt everywhere. Greek letters are most prevalent among sororities and fraternities, where most of these organizations were named after this alphabet.
Being among those wearing a jacket or a shirt with iron on Greek letters is a status symbol in itself, especially if those letters represent the name of a certain sorority or fraternity. Meanwhile, not being a part of a certain group does not mean that one is barred from wearing clothing or accessories with a hint of Greek on them. Thus, in big universities were they are all over, you will identify them by the Greek lettering that is plastered on their respective houses and headquarters. Thus, to be able to identify the members of each group, everyone can be identified by their respective symbols, insignia, or uniforms that bear the fraternity’s logos.

One feels proud in wearing it, since membership in a particular fraternity is very hard to achieve because of the initiation rituals an interested applicant has to undergo.
Besides, there are also shirts sold with iron on Greek letters on them, and they do not mean anything at all.
Any customer ordering from HPI EMBLEM represents and warrants that they have the authority to use logos and trademarks submitted for reproduction. There is no denying that wherever you go, there will always be something Greek that will remind you how rich this country’s history and culture has been. To someone who is not familiar with Greek letters, they may look like symbols or insignia because they almost resemble drawings rather than letters.
Most common of all is the wearing of jackets with Greek lettering that represent the group.

However, being seen with something that has Greek lettering on it representing a particular fraternity can also be a liability, especially if such fraternity is a notorious one. The tackle twill Greek letters are either are sewn on, ironed on, or attached using Velcro. They are also usually found at the back portion of the jacket, on the sleeves, or at the left breast where they are most visible.

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