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Vintage photo of a blond guardian angel with large wings, wearing a purple gown, flying over a city while carrying a tired child in a gown and flowers, pointing downwards with one hand, the moon in the background in the night sky, c 1901.
Yes, if we can do that, if we can take this moment and discard our fear of it, if we can just hold the silence in a lightly opened palm, not worrying, not needing, not demanding, then the entire universe will reveal itself to us.
Take a free day out of this busy life, make the space, be alone, go out into nature, or even the town. Finally, ask yourself "how do I feel about that?" Open your heart and take the love inside.
I feel this article is the "I love you" message in itself, it touched something inside of me, and reminded me to balance the destruction and reconstruction happening in my consciousness, bodymind and life now. My story begins on the day Chris posted “Connecting with your guardian angel” That evening we thought it would be fun to see the Bond film “Skyfall”, as it seemed fitting being that we were in England and it wasn’t to be released in Canada until November 9th.
The next morning moments before leaving the hotel I received an email from a friend and non-related family member encouraging us to come and stay the night in Bath following our drive from the north. We headed to Glastonbury where I had an appointment to meet with Chris followed by a walk up the Tor. Thanks so much for this Trinity, this is so beautiful and you've given a way of connecting which is so easily accessible for anyone to do! I like to try to make spirituality as integrated as possible into my every day life, so as well as taking special times to connect I also try to do it in the times that seem least conducive spirituality too, like when I'm on a crowded bus on my way home from work in a traffic jam and it's dark and raining, then looking for the 'I love you' messages' around me.

Ease resides within the room of trust and nature is what shines through the window but I must admit some days I don't open the curtains. When she wears this guardian angel costume, complete with wings and a halo, there will be no room for doubt. It's all too easy to see the denseness, difficulty and even despair through the physical world. It was a truly beautiful oak tree, majestically gnarled with long sweeping branches reaching almost down to the ground. Our first stop was the National gallery, specifically a look at the few Turner painting on display.
That is until we soften intention and allow our consciousness to be 'spiked' to the deeper dialogue. I realize the moment when traumatic event happens we doubted that love, that's also the point we lost our innocence, the innocence of just knowing God's love and support is always there unconditionally. I remember speaking to the tree and musing how wonderful it would be if it could speak back to me. As I departed the Openhand Studio Chris mentioned to stay aware of synchronicities on the final leg of my trip. A particular piece seemed very familiar but I couldn’t recall where I had seen it and then it came; Skyfall!

The real work is actually to develop our capacity to receive love because we are already loved, its just that we may not be able to feel it if we aren't innocent and being our truest selves. Meeting back up with my Father I told him of my connection and we both commented on the coincidence. Maybe as you look out of your window it's the robin delicately picking seed off the bird table.
That night we arrived at the Gatwick airport hotel and enjoyed a small celebration of our trip and my Birthday which was the following morning, Guy Fox day. Maybe when you look up to the sky, it's the clouds swirling for you or the wind speaking through dancing autumn leaves.
Things just happen, all kinds of things, that can't be coincidences, both on the inside and the outside.

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