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Take a few minutes this week and show your customer service representatives how much you appreciate them.
You could also have a clip of the day from favorite superhero movies to motivate your employees to keep being the everyday heroes they are. If you have access to a grill at your building, fire it up and cook up some burgers and hot dogs for the team. Today marks the beginning of Customer Service Week 2015, a week-long celebration aimed at raising awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the economy. 2015 Customer Service Trend: Effortless Self-Service – A survey by Forrester identified web self-service as the most widely used communication channel for customer service. Offering Mobile and Social Support for Increased Customer Engagement – As our lifestyles change as consumers, so do our preferred channels for communicating with companies.
Growth Through Customer Service – There’s no substitute for providing high quality customer service, and this post explores how delivering consistent, accurate and positive service experiences has a direct impact on the growth of your company. Motability Operations’ Approach to Knowledge Management Recognised with Innovation Award – Building customers’ trust and confidence in your customer service agents is key for the success of your contact centre. This Way for Self-Service – Many organisations are striving to increase customer self-service, and virtual agents are a great way to enable customers to find the answers and information they seek. Our hats go off to everyone involved with providing great customer service and inspiring happy customers, including those involved with developing and maintaining self-service solutions! When we think about marketing our companies, customer service is something that sometimes gets left out of the equation.
A week or so ago, I was shopping at one of those establishments where members are greeted at the door and show their IDs.
For me, every week is Customer Service Week, and we should always be looking at our interactions with customers. Anticipate Guest Needs – Nothing surprises your customer more than an employee going the extra mile to help them. While we’re passionate about helping our own customers, we’re also passionate about helping you help yours.

Take some time this week to run through some customer service games to revitalize the team. There’s just something about seeing a clip from The Avengers that makes me want to help people.
You probably don’t want to go with something like, “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants,” but name them after superheroes, and award some movie tickets to the winning team members. We’ve written many times on this blog about the importance of getting your customer service right as part of your overall customer experience strategy. But with the growing number of mobile internet users around the world, effortless self-service across all devices and channels is a top trend to watch this year. Here are three steps for organisations looking to offer mobile and social service that’s in line with the lifestyles of today’s busy, on-the-go customers. This case study shares how Motability Operations is achieving top-ranking customer and employee satisfaction scores. This post outlines four tips to help increase self-service engagement with an online virtual agent. After the initial a€?welcomea€? is it easy for visitors to find what theya€™re looking for? We should be recognizing our Customer Service teams (and the entire organization) every week; and ensure they have the skills, training and KNOWLEDGE to deliver a good customer experience. If we have negative body language when we interact with others it can show our lack of care.
We like to be the everyday hero that helps the other people lace up their boots and tie on their capes.
When your customers call in for help with a seemingly difficult problem, they will think back to when The Hulk took on Loki.
It shows your representatives that you do value them and it offers a sense of camaraderie and familiarity to the whole company.
In honour of Customer Service Week, let’s take a look back at some of the tips, trends and statistics we’ve shared in our previous posts.

Providing outstanding customer service is full of challenges (as confirmed by the results of our 2015 Global Customer Support Outlook Survey), but without it no organisation can survive in today’s competitive marketplace.
Then she corrected herself and said that perhaps the store did still carry that item but that it was out of stock. People come into our virtual place of business, and they are usually looking for something.
Ita€™s obvious to us where people need to go to find helpful informationa€”because we set them up. You can even have a customer service Hero of the Day in which you and the team member dramatically reenact a customer service interaction.
And even if our initial contact with customers (or potential customers) is online, we should make that online experience as positive as possible. Even if you have a great story and are friendly and welcoming, if youa€™re not helping visitors find what they want, youa€™re not delivering good customer service. Have the representative explain the situation resolved the previous day and give them a key to the city — or something like that.
This woman positioned herself in front of me and in a very pleasant and sincere way asked if she could help me find something. When she did, I sawa€”directly behind where she had been standinga€”the exact item I had been searching for. You can tell them how you a€?put the customer firsta€? all you want, but if youa€™re not helping them find what they want or need, they really wona€™t care about your pledges of service.
Sometimes ita€™s helpful to have an impartial party evaluate our site and provide us with impartial feedback.

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