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Back tattoo with a wonderful dialogue from Professor Albus Dumbledore and time turner and stars. This Harry Potter fan has got his image inked on her arm that has an amazing look and fine quality.
The symbol of Lord Voldemort and his death eaters looks freaking awesome when carved on the wrist. Scare out your friends with this deathly hallows symbol taken from book seven of the series.
The epitaph Harry Potter reads on the grave of his parents formed in a circle with the HP initials in center. This platform number is of King’s cross station where Harry catches the train to Hogwarts. The house elf who possessed magical powers and about whom Voldemort knew and understood nothing.
The colorful crest representing the four houses with the school motto and the famous dialogue of Harry. The golden sphere with wings which moved fast as a lightening bolt and was ultimately caught by Harry.
The death mark with a skull face and a snaky coiled projection looks frightening even in its small size. Referring to Hermione and Rowena Raveclaw, the names created in cursive and spaced out font look elegant and friendly.
This lovely tattoo is worn as a memorial and represents the courtship that developed over Harry Potter movies.

Touching lines from the Professor that are a key to success for a team working together for a common goal.
Amazing quote from Half Blood Prince etched in neat and even font that looks neat and inspiring. The triforce from the Legend of Zelda and the Deathly Hallows from Harry potter look super mysterious together. The wizard used all these magic elements in the school to learn the art and fight the evil Lord Voldemort.
The line that made the marauder’s map blank again, carved in cute font with stars, has a naughty touch. The folded paper with the deathly hallows symbol and death quote encircling it look fabulous together. Featuring Potter, his school, the dragon and various other images, this leg piece looks fancy.
Indeed, the portrait of the main characters with fine detail, covering the whole sleeve, looks wonderful. The snitch with lighting bolt and the last words of the Harry Potter series look superb together.
Wear your craze on your sleeve with this black and white tattoo having the image and name of Harry.
The lettering, carved in neat and bold font, on the wrist, stands for a non-magical person. This is the Oppugno spell which Hermione casts after she gets upset with Ron on seeing him with Lavender Brown.
A cloaked grim reaper with the lines about death and the deathly hallows symbol presents a complete scary picture. The deathly hallows symbol signifying the resurrection stone, elder wand and invisibility cloak, carved on the wrist, looks elegant.
This fan has got Harry’s name etched on the inside of her forearm in quirky bold font. I have to say though, hers has nothing to do with Hermione nor does mine have anything to do with Rowena Ravenclaw herself.

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I love cupcakes and any and all Asian food (mmm, sushi!) and baseball is a way of life for me (Go Angels!). One such character who has cast a spell on children, adults as well as old is Harry Potter.
The third and the last lot consists of the magical characters and objects that were an integral part of Harry’s life.
The creation of J K Rowling has become quite a phenomenon and the movies made it more popular with the masses across the globe. Here is a take on the three segments through this post that features 45 Harry potter tattoos. In keeping with the line the Harry Potter tattoos also followed suit and millions of people have got the tattoos on their bodies. We spy everything from an owl to Fawkes, the Golden Snitch to the Deathly Hallows symbol, plus a bajillion lightning bolts and pairs of glasses, natch.

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