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Description: 2 x INVISIBLE INK PENS With UV Lights & Games Kit Fun uses - Temporary Tattoo on Body !!
These Christmas themed body art glitter temporary tattoos are eye-catching, fun, glittery, colourful.
The Henna Penna is a pen filled with henna extract that is used to make natural tattoos and skin decorations. Henna Eyes is a revolutionary product that gives the contour of your eyes a fashionable and long lasting colour thanks to pure henna extract. Ingredients: Lawsonia Alba, Matricaria Chamomila, Vaccinus Myrtillus,Vitis Vinifera, Camellia Sinensis, Hydrolized wheat protein, Linum Ussitassimum. Choose from our range of colours to match your mood and clothes: Cherry pink, grape, burgundy, cappuccino, strawberry red and chocolate brown. You may notice a cooling and tingling sensation on the lips that is due to the presence of peppermint extract. Note: We recommend that people with sensitive skin always test make-up products on small areas first. Natural Henna Eyebrow Pen for Temporary Eyebrow TintingHENNA EYEBROW PEN A well-shaped set of eyebrows properly colored can completely alter your look. Henna Lipsize is the perfect alternative to expensive surgery, such as collagen injections, and to painful tattooing of the lips’ contour.
Stretch marks (striae distensae) are cutaneous lesions that accompany the hormonal upheavals of the major stages of life: puberty and pregnancy are the main causes.
Stretch marks develop abruptly and progress slowly from a pink to violet color, then to an ivory white or sometimes nacreous hue.

HennaPenna is a revolutionizing new product in the world of henna tattoos and skin decorations. With HennaPenna you can get beautiful temporary tattoos with natural henna extract without the complicated and time consuming process that traditional henna tattoos require. Drums are made with fresh all-natural henna and will leave a permament stain on the drum skin.
Secret Messages, Security Marking etc Colour In Your Own Tattoo These are the Best & Strongest Colours BLUE is best ink on skin YELLOW & Blue are Best on surfaces We love to offer great products & service to our customers! With Henna Eye brows felt-tip, semi-permanent pen you will have the stunning look you deserve.By semi-permanent we mean that instead of the ink lying on the top of your skin, it is partially absorbed by your skin, making it more difficult to smudge with your fingers. Thanks to a combination of natural ingredients and modern technology, Bingo Mango now makes it easier for women to increase their enjoyment of sex in a safe and natural way.
Bingo Mango is a gel that increases clitoral sensitivity thanks to the advantageous characteristics of its natural herbs. All ingredients used in Bingo Mango are natural and well known for their beneficial activities. Henna Lips is a semi-permanent, two-tipped lip liner based on 100 percent natural ingredients. Thanks to a combination of natural ingredients and modern technology, Donna & Donna now makes it easier for women to increase their enjoyment of sex in a safe and natural way. Henna Lipsize’s ingre-dients hydrate and stimulate the collagen and GAG (glycosaminoglycolas) synthesis in the connective tissue of the lips thanks to which you can get the same results in a better way! The boots are customized using a woodburning tool to permanently etch a design into the suede.

Temporary Tattoo on Body shows on skin -night clubs, great for Schoolies Week Party Games children can use it play Spy detective games - we’ve inc some in Kit.
The colour dries immediately and stays on your skin for approximately 2 - 7 days on most skin results may vary from person to person.
Wild Yam, in combination with other natural extracts, has shown to amplify sexual sensation and orgasm for both men and women. Secret Messages You can write invisible secret messages on paper or other surfaces, esp skin.
Because of Henna known properties of staining the skin without any side effect, you will have a long lasting effect that you always wanted. The furniture is a wooden bench from Indonesia, depicted with the henna paste on and then later after 3 weeks with the stain results. Security Marking, Anti-counterfeiting Money checker, Price & personal items marking, Admission control, pass-out marking, Identification of merchandise! Because henna Eye brows pen has a very fine, felt-tip point, you can be very accurate with it, and get a more natural line than you could with one of the thick brushes you might have with other liquid eyeliners.
As well as being suitable for domestic use, this special pen is also ideal for use in bank, antique, court and night club.

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