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50 gram 100 gram, 500 gram 1 kg silver and colored aluminum mettalic pouches and bulk packaging in 20kg bags.
The penny-colored highlights reflect to a toasty auburn-orange in direct light—simply smashing.
Ingredients: natural henna, natural indigo, false daisy, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds, beleric seeds, red clay…(that’s it). Natural henna, natural indigo, false daisy, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds, beleric seeds, red clay…that’s it. For more application instructions, how to spot test, and gray root process go to our detailed application page. On my natural hair journey, I wanted to do something different but natural organic and sticking to the no chemicals regimen I had been on for 6 months. Depending on your natural hair color and how long you leave it on will almost certainly determine how red it is!! I have medium to dark brown hair naturally and this definitely made my hair a dark burgundy color more so than a copper. After donating the majority of my hair, I decided to celebrate by getting what was left of my (naturally dark brown) hair highlighted blonde. This color is a shade lighter than Natural Black and flirts with some dark chocolate undertones.
By adding extra natural conditioning agents (alma and centella), we can separate the red & black pigment release to make a mahogany-wood hue. Natural indigo, natural henna, red clay, false daisy, alma gooseberry, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds…that’s it.
I’ve been using henna and indigo mixes for years, and this is the best henna mix I’ve used! My hair color is a natural dark brunette, nearly black, and has never been dyed or chemically treated.
The color was frighteningly red the first few days after coloring but definitely changed to more natural looking and more brown after a week. Have to say that the colour itself I do like, and the only reason I’m giving this 4 stars is due to the consistency. I’m very sad to have to give a negative rating, because I absolutely LOVED the color (the first couple days after coloring, and not washing), and the texture and shine was outstanding. The effort, mess, odor and lengthy coloring time would’ve well worth it for a color that was even SEMI-permanent (as in the typical 28 washes). I’d read that it can take a couple doses for the natural color to take, so I spent $ on another round. However, it’s a little more tolerable if you mix in nutmeg and cinnamon (large amounts) with this henna. I’ve been hennaing my dark brown hair for the past decade with baq henna (Yemen was my favorite but is now hard to come by) to achieve a rich, plummy red. I was so excited to use this product, but was afraid that it would not show up on my dark hair. My only other complaint is that I did this in mid-December and until a few weeks ago, my hair was still dripping out a faint yellowish color every time I washed (even washing with sulfate-free shampoo).
Classic and always chic, our Medium Brown Hair Dye is a synergy of warm and cool—a loving balance between our Light & Dark Brown shades. A smooth traditional brown grabs the base while hugs of toffee and chestnut tease on the highlights.
Easy to follow directions, great packaging, super fast delivery and a fantastically helpful staff…can it get any better? Daunting, but after following the instructions provided for my situation (one root only application and one full head application), I have gorgeous, shiny, soft chestnut brown hair again.
I have been using Pure Red Henna from here for over 2 years and got lots of complements, got rid of frizz and made hair feel so healthy. My hair is naturally a medium ashy blonde, and I haven’t chemically dyed it in at least two years.
I just colored my hair with the medium brown henna last night and I am already in love<3 For a long time, I was coloring my hair dark brown with the boxed dyes you buy in the store. I started off darker ashy blonde with some platinum highlights and have thinner, longer hair about chest height.
After letting it sit for 10 minutes I started applying it with my hands by combing a section out and rubbing a glob into my roots and another glob down the shaft. Hair grows gray naturally due to various reasons like illness, stress, vitamin and nutrient deficiency. There are many products, lotions, powders and pills that claim to offer a 'cure' for gray hair. The first thing that you need to do to find the right hair color for you is to decide how long you want the coloring to last. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Penny-colored highlights reflect to a toasty auburn-orange in direct light—simply smashing.

I have black Asian hair naturally, and at the time of coloring it had been previously dyed auburn. Once mixed, the two strong colors are resisted just enough by the added conditioners to bind at slightly different rates.
It took a couple of days to really darken into a rich mahogany, but once it did the color was stellar. As a cosmetologist, I prefer to use the best organic and (mostly) chemical free products I can find.
Now that I have more stuborn greys, I was looking for a henna that wouldn’t leave them bright orange. Not really a problem, but it goes to show that the color didn’t stick well in my hair.
My SIL helps me apply it (she went to beauty school) and it leaves the most beautiful, rich, natural color I’ve ever had.
However I was tired of the Red and wanted to go back to my natural color which is dark brown. It finally reached a point where my poor hair was breaking off as soon as it hit my shoulders.
I was so scared that my hair would turn out horrible haha but I’m glad I took the leap of faith. No instantly noticeable change is texture or thickness, but I’m hoping that will change after my hairs had a break from being abused. I have long brown hair with 20% gray and this henna turned my gray a nice copper color, which I am okay with seeing how rainbow henna brand usually turned them green. There is no product that seems to really work however; the products being either ineffectual or actually harmful. If you just want to add a punch of color to your hair for a party, a special occasion or just to suite a mood then you will want to use a temporary hair coloring. I have natural African American hair and it loosened my curl pattern, but not much and I did not mind. It was easy to apply and thanks to the clear-cut instructions, gloves and cap that came in the package.
I was surprised the first time I used it…although I really liked this color and continue to use it. After coloring, my blonde hair turned a pretty orange-copper, and my dark hair turned an interesting burgundy-red, the overall effect being a dark reddish color (which was actually really pretty). Up close this separation is gorgeous and as you pull away they blend together to make a smashing reddish-dark brown that becomes nearly a rich black at a distance. Beyond the natural-looking color, the mix also coats my individual hair shafts and strengthens and straightens them. As a first timer, I ordered 1 packet thinking this would be enough for my middle of the neck length curly hair.
I did some research and decided to order the mahogany henna dye and the trial size lavender and geranium shampoo and conditioner.
This was supposed to be a PERMANENT dye, and the color faded rapidly in the course of one week, and appeared to be gone completely by week 2.
Gorgeous color and shine for a few wonderful days, half-strength color in a week, and not even noticeable (except for vaguely yellowed greys) in a couple weeks. I was very intimidated to try an indigo mix on my own, so I was overjoyed when I saw this mahogany blend!
I used a diffuser on my waist length curls and they were springy and well formed with little frizz.
If I had done it alone though, I don’t think I could have thoroughly covered my hair (I have a LOT of hair!).
It conditions my hair amazingly (it’s never been so soft or even air dried nicely) and I feel like I have new hair. I have been using this brand of henna once a month for the 6 months or so and my fine hair has gotten significantly healthier and stronger. What causes grey hair, what are the habits and health conditions that contribute to it, and is there really any real way to reverse gray hair?
Temporary hair coloring is usually an acid based formula that is designed to only coat the hair strand instead of penetrating the hair shaft.
Undertones can range from light red to green to blue before fully maturing—very normal (most blend within hours).
The only thing I had a hard time with was washing it out, but they said that was to be expected.
I did use my own latex gloves, since I found the ones included in the package were not adequate for the job.
I have strawberry blonde hair so this is a dramatic change, but it looks pretty and the intensity calms down after a couple weeks and looks very natural. It took almost a full week for my color to develop fully, and now it is the same color seen on the model (though my highlights are a shade lighter- it usually takes a couple applications to get bleached hair to fully accept other colors).
I must say, I am glad I got the 4 pack dye and I will be purchasing larger shampoo and conditioner!!

Henna has thickened, nourished, fixed my most of my split ends and makes my hair glimmer in the sun. A difference could only be seen when examining my hair very closely and it was still barely visible. This last time I used it I tried using honey instead of conditioner and oh my gods this was the best idea I have had in a while!
I have used this henna and the Light Brown for 3 months now and my hair is noticeably thicker and curls have more form with less frizz.
I started doing my research and found that henna, along with other herbs, does wonders for your hair. I mixed my powder with coffee and left it on for 3 hours and rinsed with HCL lavender conditioner.
It looks like the dark brown with a rich red undertone; almost a black cherry haircolor effect. I’ve had friends say that my hair is now more of a dark auburn color and that it warms up my skin tone. I tried the dark brown henna first, but I prefer the medium brown because it seems to work better on my grays.
My hair before using the product was dyed black, with about 8 inches of undyed medium brown roots. As for application, it’s no harder to apply this than it is to color your hair with anything else. Your hair will have a fusion of deep rich black, dark chocolate brown, and intense cherry red.
I use Dark Brown on my roots with 2 applications to cover the gray and add Mahogany over my whole head for the 3rd application. Until I met a complete stranger, lovely woman really, who said, “your face, it looks so young, but your hair!” Wow! As my hair grows quite fast I’m not a fan of waiting for color to fade to perfection as by that time my roots are visible and ready to be covered again. The red tint is visible upon close inspection in the light, but only enough that I can notice, no one else.
I wouldn’t necessarily say its a BAD color, but it is not what was expected from reading the description and seeing the pictures.
After 48 hours, it darkened and toned down quite a bit and now my hair is a dark, reddish brown.
Gonna try mixing remaining Copper Brown with light brown or ginger blonde to tame initial expression and still cover grays (about 35% gray). If you go to the dark brown and auburn product pages and look at those models, this color is like a mix between the two. Also noted issues with temple coverage so I will need concentrate more product there where cap does not cover to help mitigate dry out.
Let it sit for 2 hours (warmed up my hair once with the hairdryer for 5 minutes after about 45 minutes in). The first day after I applied it before washing with shampoo it was almost red orange (and it did startle me) but after washing it twice it is still very deep and darker then I expected, nothing like the picture of the girl or the swatch of hair in the pictures. I rinse it with Shea Moisture conditioner and then leave in a little conditioner and let it dry naturally. I used the treatment first and was amazed how it evened out the color which at the time had bleached blonde and red highlights. I don’t know that I will buy this color again although I will continue to purchase my henna dyes from this company. I do wait a day or two before shampooing or co-washing and I do not use any product on my hair until after the first shampoo. One thing that really seemed to work is after double washing my hair to prep for the henna, I sat outside and let my hair dry in the sun before applying the henna. Then, I dried my hair and oh man, my hair was the softest and shiniest it's EVER been in my life!!
My daughter was so impressed that she too has given up on salon visits and ordered her first henna color: Mahogany. It will require one more treatment of color to completely rid my hair of all the highlights but I was aware of this when I started the process.
We both followed the easy-to-use directions, leaving the product on our hair for the full 2 hours.
I will never use anything else on my hair and can’t wait to start playing around with combining colors to create a custom color for myself.
From the help I received when I called, the quick delivery and the amazing product this company does everything right and I look forward to continuing business with them.

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