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Fairy tattoo designs can appeal to your whims and fancies just as much as it can appeal to your dark side. There’s not only 1 or 2, but 10 different places where you can get a tattoo without even as much as a single tear.
Typically, the fairy tattoo would have the figure of an exquisitely rendered but tiny lady with wings. Think of it like this: it doesn’t really feel like a needle being drug through your skin, it really just feels like someone poking you with a pinprick in an annoying fashion. However, fairy tattoo designs can be styled any way that you choose, from realistic women with tiny wings to fantasy figures with life-sized wings. That being said, here’s 10 least painful tattoo locations that won’t make you shriek in pain, just be a little annoyed for a lengthy amount of time!1.
In fact, the selection for a tattoo design is pretty vast – they are fantasy creatures after all.
Outer ShoulderYou have undoubtedly seen outer shoulder tattoos, whether they were small, stand alone tattoos or something much grander (better known as a half sleeve). You can go in for goth style fairy or one that projects an evil air or one that has a darker aura surrounding her.An angelic and resplendent version would work for those who believe that things have to be pretty and nice.
You can give your fairy tattoo a sexy look and also a add a mysterious allure as fairies are considered creatures that are difficult to catch. When you think of a fairy you always associate these marvelous creatures with magic and mysterious phenomena.
This means a fairy tattoo can represent anything from a youthful and almost innocent aura or the beauty of mysteries or naughtiness or even a great imagination.
If you’re in the market for an adorable tattoo that will look great with minimal pain spent, I recommend an outer shoulder tat.2. Not all fairies are cute and protective like Tinkerbelle!We cannot imagine a single area where a fairy tattoo design wouldn’t look good. The tattoo denotes so many magic and mysterious things that one cannot help be drawn to them. This is because of the simple reason that thigh tattoos are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons.
Plus depending on the size of the tattoo, you can get a fairy tattoo on the part of your choice. Commonly one can see small and cute versions of this tattoo on the calf or ankle, sometimes they can be seen on the hip or shoulder.
The pain amount is definitely tolerable with a thigh tattoo, and best of all: thigh tattoos look absolutely ADORABLE paired up with your favorite short shorts. Wrist Advertisement Were you thinking about getting a cute, little tattoo on your wrist? You will often see these fairies in a array of different poses and with various facial expressions that showcase the unique personality of the wearer.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that wrist tattoos aren’t just feminine and cutesy, but they are also one of the least painful places to get tatted. You can either use them to drive you with the strength of their magical powers or use them to power your dreams so that they come true.Normally, any creature that is linked with the world that fairies inhabit are supposed to part of the magic. So go ahead- rock that little heart you’ve been dreaming of or get that short quote you love- it won’t hurt a bit!4. Upper BackThe back is another excellent area for tattoos because of the huge space available. Since the fairy is considered to be a creature that is supernatural they have it within their powers to change the life of people.
Many people opt to get tattoos crossing the entire length of the upper half of their backs while others choose a smaller tattoo on one side of the back.
Among the type of fairies is the sprite, which is supposed to be a naughty albeit kindly inclined fairy which has a cute appearance.
Either way, back tattoos are fairly minimal when it comes to pain- as long as you stay away from the spine and armpit area. ShinBelow the knee and above the ankle is an excellent spot to get a tattoo- especially if you choose to place it on the outer area of your shin away from the bone.
Whether you choose a large tattoo that covers half your leg or something small and cute, you can rest assured that you won’t be bothered by an intense amount of pain. As with any tattoo a little research and imagination will let you get a tattoo design that is really unique and pretty.The amazing collection of Hot and Sexy Fairy Tattoo Designs for Women and Men is not finished yet. NeckMuch like back tattoos, neck tattoos are really easy to handle- as long as you stay away from the spine. And no, you weren’t seeing things: neck tattoos are becoming incredibly popular in the female tattoo world, just like thigh tattoos. Many woman are breaking into the tattoo world and choosing this location for their first, the most common place being directly behind the ear. Don’t worry yourself thinking a tat that close to the head HAS to hurt- that mindset couldn’t be any further from the truth.7. RibsNow, I am not going to sit here and lie to you: the ribs are a bit more painful than the other 6 locations listed, but it’s definitely not an area that will lead to tears.
You might be under the impression that rib tattoos HAVE to hurt- I mean, the ribs are a rather sensitive area, right? Whether you’re opting for the matching set of tats on either side or want something across your lower abdomen, rest assured you won’t be in for the worst time of your life. And when it’s all over and done with, you’ll love how sexy the tattoo looks against your jeans and shorts.9.
Plus they’re hidden out of sight 95% of the time, which is a major selling point for those who don’t want visible tattoos. Stomach tattoos are also pretty painless no matter where you put them-on your lower abdomen, on your side, even around your belly button!10.

ChestYou might see chest tattoos more commonly on men, but females are definitely breaking into the chest tattoo world. You can come up with an amazing design that covers your entire chest and it will look amazing.
Plus they’re easy to spot, look awesome with shirts and bathing suits, and you won’t have to deal with any crazy amount of pain. Just stay away from the armpit area! Remember, everyone’s pain tolerance is different- what might be painless to some can be gut-wrenching to others. But these 10 locations have been reported as being the least painful by the majority of individuals who have been tattooed in those spots. Venture out and get that ink! Ladies, have you ever had a tattoo in one of these particular locations? Me and my sister want to get the same matching tattoos on are stomach but I feel like i would like to get pregnant one day..
Perhaps closer to the hip would stretch a little less–or you could just put aside money now so that you can have it touched up after a pregnancy. I have had tattoos in every spot mentioned and did not find any of them to be that painful.
Pain is very subjective–and honestly, having a needle put into your body is going to be a bit painful no matter where it is. If you ask any tattoo artist what the most painful spot to get tattooed is, 90% will say ribs. Pain is very subjective though, and different people feel pain at varying levels in different spots.
While I thought the hip tattoo was pain-free for me, you may have a different experience if you have a low pain tolerance. Suffice it to say that tattoos will be painful in most areas if you have a low pain tolerance, and not painful if you have a high pain tolerance.Reply Anastasia April 26, 2016 at 10:08 amHips and ribs and neck are painless?
Those are some of the most excruciatingly painful places I’ve ever gotten tattooed, and I can handle a tattoo like no ones business. I have three sisters who have well over 20 tattoos between them, and they said that their tattoos on the hips, ribs and neck did not hurt much. One sister has a toe tattoo that she said caused her the most pain, but some of our readers have said it was not an issue.

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