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If you are looking for a unique tattoo design that is both meaningful as well as striking in appearance, an hourglass tattoo might be a very good option. Tattoo lovers from different age groups are often seen flaunting attractive tattoos featuring hourglass pictures. Hourglass tattoos often carry deep symbolic value, although their meaning can vary depending on the wearer’s personality and perception.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Death symbol: one of the main meanings of the hourglass tattoo is that all people face death.
Hourglass Tattoo Placement ideas – on your chest, on your finger, on your forearm, on your hand, on your neck, etc.

We will update this article with more information, once we find out more celebrities with this kind of tattoo.
Some people also combine a hourglass tattoo with lots of other tattoos, such as: with a dragon, with a dagger, with a skull, with an eye, with a rose, etc. Hence it is no wonder that the hourglass is used to express various emotions and sentiments that are associated with time. It can also represent the inevitability of something wile dark hourglass tattoos can even symbolize death and ending.  Hourglass tattoos are sported both by men and women with the feminine tattoo designs often featuring girly symbols like flowers and stars. Chosen for both decorative as well as for symbolic purposes, hourglass tattoos are preferred by both men and women.
The black and white as well as the colorful hourglass tattoos look excellent anywhere on the body.

The hourglass tattoo can mean the ending, but can also mean a new beginning (an idea – some teenagers get a hourglass tattoo after they leave the parents home to show their parents they are big enough to do what they want in life). One may also express deeper philosophical meanings such as life and death, energy, inevitability, new beginnings, power, cycles of life, transience and endings. Hourglass tattoo designs can be done in a number of ways, and one may also add additional elements such as flowers, wings or even skulls. The image of the hourglass may depict sand, water, blood or some other material for measuring time.

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